Phillip skates into the final

11th March 2014

Take a peek behind the scenes at Dancing on Ice as Phillip trains for his on-screen ice skating debut.

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  • This and the judges skating on made the final very special! There wil never be another programme like it, sad it has gone!

  • Well done for Sunday it was very enjoyable. What a wonderful gent you are.

  • Would like to see much more of this clip - meanies!! Why is it so short? Cant believe Philip was THAT bad :)

  • Well done mate well done

  • i like mr. schofield, he's nice, he is quite good on skates, at least he can ice skate, wish i could learn before i get too old, and at least he gave it a try, they make skating on ice look so easy, but it is'nt, i wish this programme was still on, i miss this already, they should make skating on ice with the public involved, not just for celebrities don't you think?

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