All Star Mr and Mrs: A serious business...

12th September 2012

It's the last of the Phillip vs The nation series - and the last chance to prove how well YOU know the Schofe!

Put your brain's Schofe cells to the test for one final time before Phillip reveals the answer to our last conundrum in this exclusive video!

Don't forget to tune into All Star Mr and Mrs TONIGHT at 8pm on ITV1, and you can catch up with all the latest episodes on the ITV Player now.

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  • Hello Phillip I think you have beaten me on this one I would say Singing to theme Tune for this one. My other one would be the Giggles with Fern when she was in this Morning

  • Phillip I am going to keep doing your MR and MRS V The Nation ever week.

  • I noticed something different in the trailer that was shown on ITV, no Fern on this series?????

  • When dealing with two people, as on Mr. & Mrs. the English languague uses "more" as in "Which of you are more inclinced to...": for three or more people it is then "best".

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