All Star Mr and Mrs: Biting the biscuit!

5th September 2012

Phillip is back presenting the show of two halves this evening - All Star Mr and Mrs starts TONIGHT on ITV1 at 8pm!

To celebrate the show's return, we have been putting your Schofe knowledge to the test in our special All Star Mr & Mrs Facebook polls.

Today's questions is another puzzler: What is Phillip's favourite biscuit?

Join Phillip in the All Star Mr & Mrs booth to find out! And don't forget to tune in tonight when Phillip will be testing just how well our celebrity couples really know one another...

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  • Hello Phillip I have to say my favouite Biscuit is really Shortbread but i have got other favouite Biscuits and they are Fig rolls i am not sure if this goes in biscuits Flapjacks The biscuit that has custred in the mindle. But i am not really alone Biscuits and i have got another one and it is Diegestive's all these are my Favouite biscuits On your Mr and Mrs- Phillip v The Nation i disagree would put Shortbread biscuits for your favouite Biscuits so i got it right on the frist one for you

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