New series of The Cube

28th October 2011

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  • Hello Phillip

    I always love all your Progammes espcial the Cube as well i really like all the new games for this year they are so good. I wish i was in the crown,d watching it live if i do see it live i might not be able to do that if there is Magnuts everywhere. but i so enjoy watching it at home. i really hope the Cube goes really well for you and i do hope you get award for the Cube on N.T. Awards for 2011 when it comes soon on TV. good Luck

  • It looks so good Phillip and the new games too.

  • I put the worng letter in the middle it was men't to be an a for Way

  • Come on, give us a break, if you get your nose into any other programmes, we'll have to rename ITV to he Schofield channel.

  • Hello Phillip

    I still watch the Cube and i enjoy it very much i still do not think anyone will beat the Cube in an Million Years. I really thought the Young Man i think his name is Luke that got £100.00 shown on Sunday last week I thought he should of done the £250.00 and would of gone home with £250.00 in the end and broken the Cube Record I wish he got it. he was Fantastic at the weekend and a very happy man.too but iam pleased he got £100.00

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