The Cube Returns...

17th September 2010

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  • Great show Phil good to see it back! Regards Andy

  • Nice to see some of the behind the scenes stuff as being in the audience, I didn't get to see any of it! I remember when Ray introduced you to us all and we all roared with cheers and a massive applause and it was just phenomenal! Can't wait for the new series :) might spot myself in the audience too!

  • I love looking behind the making of shows like this, A lot of hard work goes on that you don't get to see when the show goes out. Well done to everyone who works hard you included Phillip :o) thank you for showing us..

  • love these behind the sceen bit. wish it was longer, would have loved to have seen more, you do love ya mints,here's to Sunday :)

  • Really looking forward to it... bring it on.

  • Dear Phillip, I am glad that you are a friend of mine on and I have been watching you since the broom cupboard in the 1980's (best Kids TV then) and you and Gordon the Gopher made Kids TV and you still make great TV now because i have been following via Going Live, Joseph (saw you in Edinburgh), This Morning, The Cube etc. It is my wish one day to have my photo taken with you because you are my idol and i love what you have done for Kids TV. Bring back the 1980's TV because the TV Programmes were great then and what's on now isn't the same. Keep in touch and I can't wait to watch you again with this new series of "The Cube" (I wish i was on it!!!).

  • totally love the show,i so wish to be a contender on it,great tv as always philip,followed you from the start and will till the end,keep making us all smile,cheers

  • The cube returns.. Nifty :)

  • you are my idol, O! my God phil that bloke below said you were his Idol.. ((has you face gone R-e-d or what???)) Mr James Boyd a fann of yours hey lol. im just having abitt of funn i-ps-mslf over that comment ohh dear. hope hollys getting on well bi bi all and u (work-workaholic) get it well you can philly i say?

  • I hope you got my frist comment from before all i like to say to you d'not scqurder'd just the Cube will do

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