The Cube - Behind The Scenes

4th September 2009

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  • Wow love it anything to do with TV Behind the Scenes, How do I get to see the show being made Philip, Great show love it

    • Hi Phillip I very love this show and I would like to ask how I do I become a contestant on the cube?thank you.

  • I love this show, schofe you do a fab job. I V+ the show so I can zip through the adverts, I do that with This Morning too. LOL

  • Great footage and yeah Terri so many people are recording & spooling through now.

    It makes sense. Look at this page - several ads (I got Ministry of Sound, & iViva) but nothing that will spoil your enjoyment by interrupting it for 3 or more minutes.

    Glad you're building an online presence PS!

  • Love the show its brill also my young grandsons love it

  • how do i become a contestant on the cube?

    • I would like to be a contestant please

  • Hello I just wondered how you apply to be on the show? Thanks

  • Hello Phillip, just been watching your new game show the cube. And I realised I could probably get to the 250,000 mark. Would it be ok to ask you how I could get on to the show as I feel I could make a difference with the money to help my family and friends. Yours sincerely Daniel.

  • Hi! Phillip I Love The Cube you so funny in it

  • I bet the whole of the nation are now inventing games in there living rooms and putting these to the test.

    What a brilliant concept. Its got me hooked, (and for obvious reasons). It definately works with the silverfox hosting it!!!

  • I love the show i watch it every week

  • hey i was just wondering how do i become a contestant on the cube?

  • hi philip great show and i would like to have a go so could i please have a application form thanks carl

  • hello i think its the best ever game show that been broadcast on any station. i make sure im in to watch it. but how do i become a contestant on the cube? well anyway i think its mint.

  • Hello I would like to know how do I become a contestant on the cube? Great program! I love it

  • Hello I would like to know how do I become a contestant on the cube? Great program! I love it.

  • My 10year old son and i really love the show!He has been making up games for us to play and draws a chalk square around us as the cube.I have been a massive fan of yours scince cbbc in the broom cuboard.Always a pleasure to watch you.Melody.xxxxx


  • LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It's so addicitive. I've just entered my boyfriend into the competition because he thinks he can beat the Cube. I hope he gets through!! That would be amazing!!

  • Hi Phillip,after seeing all The Cube adverts on tele me and the girlfriend decided to see what it's all about. I was glued to the seats with how nerve racking and chaleenging the games were. Wow, they were good games and on the off chance the missis says you would be good at that and whilst taking her comments in, i said to myself, "yeah i could that". I have just left the Army and im now about to start a new chapter with my girlfriend, the money from the game would incredibly set us off in the right direction. I would love and relish the challenges The Cube would throw at me. How do i apply and where do i sign lol.

  • this is a brilliant show and i just enter my name, gona win that 250000, yes bring it on cube.

  • Hi my name is David and i was wondering how i become a contestant on the cube really like this show and i would love to be on there!

  • I have just entered my boyfriend to take on the cube. He seems to be brilliant at anything he puts his mind to. I have never seen him fail at anything so he is definately the man to beat whatever the cube can throw at him!!!!!!!!!1

  • how do i apply to be on the cube?

  • how do u become a contestant?i think i could beat the cube.thx

  • Hi we think the cube is the best show on a saturday night. So how do you become a contestant on the cube? Thanks a lot john

  • how can i become a contestant on this brilliant show? thanks.

  • hi was wondering if i could get the e-mail address 2 apply 4 my husband 2 go onto the cube as a surprise, he's a big fan and he is convinced he would beat the cube

  • Hi I love this game,How do i became a contestant on the cube?

  • hey would luv to take on the cube :) give me that chance and i will not fail!!! :)

  • hi i would love to beat the cube how do i apply for the show, please let me know i would love to be on it and my little girl loves it too.

  • hello philip< my names deborah ive watched the cube from the first day im currently homeless with my ten year old child having to start a new life in a new town any money we win would give us a new start to our new home so please and you email me on how to apply many many thanks deborah

  • hello there Philip, I really want to be a contestant on your show, every week me and my four children sit down and watch your show, I havnt been able to give my children the best start in life and would love them to see their mum on the t.v and make them proud regards Sian. Please let me know how to apply.

  • Hi phill love u show, please let m know how to apply love becca xx

  • hi phillip i love the show and would like to know how to apply for a go at beating the cube thanks

  • As like thousands of others i would like to apply to be a contestant on The Cube. Please could you let me know how to go about this. Many thanks!

  • I really want to go on the cube, how do I apply?

  • Hi,

    How do you become a contestant for the cube i would like to volunteer my partner he loves the show and would like to have a go at it.

  • hi love the show! where do i apply??

  • would love an application please .

  • hi my name is mark i watch the show evrey week i would love to come on and bit the cube thank you

  • hi phillip how do i get a chance to have a go at the cube? i really do think i could beat it. i would appreciate it if you could get back to me on how to apply. many thanks kyle.

  • I love the cube how do you become a contestant

  • hi phillip thìs show is great has me on the edge of my seat. how do u become a contestant would love to see how far i can get in the game.

  • how do i become a contestant would love to put my name down thanku

  • i think/know i can spank the tube

  • Hi.Philip~my family loves this show. I believe my husband, who's got the same name as you 'PHILIP', can beat the cube^^. Please give him chance to be a contestant on the cube.Thank you philip, all the best Eunice

  • please can i have a applocation form for my brother as it would be a big suprise and i love the show

  • Hi i would really like the chance to be a contestant on the cube i definately think i'll beat it and go all the way! i'm very determined and hate to lose. please could you let me know how to become a contestant? thanks!

  • Hi,

    can you please send me an application form please, cheers Philip

  • I would love to be a contestant on the cube! so if you could please send me a application form that would be great thanks Richard

  • Hi, I really want to go up against the cube and believe I could go all the way. I would love to use the money to give my fiancee the wedding of her dreams!!! Pls can you send me a application form? Thanks, Mark Wormald. Leeds.

  • I said to the Mrs that you used at least 50 SLR's to get the all round capture! Love it! amazing show and amazing technology behind it all!

  • hi would love to get on the show know ive the nerves and calmness to beat the cube WHERE DO I apply Thanks

  • hi i would love the opportunity to be a contestant on the cube. i think i av all the skills to make it to the end!!!!!!! i dont like to lose lol!!!!!! please could you send me an application form to this e-mail address if you are looking for interestin an funny characters to take on your tasks

    thank you

    colin cook

  • Hi could I have a application form for the cube please. thanks lisa

  • How do I apply as I am the biggest fan in the world of the cube

    I LOVE IT !! what a great show a proper saturday night show pure entertainment. I would love the chance to tackle the beast that is the cube

    And Phillip is the best there is PERFECT PRESENTER !!!!

    Great job both ITV and Phil....

  • I think the show is amazing, but i am sick of hearing my husband say that he could beat the cube !!! So could i please have an application form to see if he as got what it takes or if he is all mouth LOL x

  • i there i would lv for the chance to be on the cube i fink i have wot it takes to beat it i am a verry big fan ov yours philip n i would lv to meet you n the cube so please could you send me an app please thanks

  • Hi Philip, I am literally the cubes biggest fan and would absolutely relish the chance to take on the cube, would you please be able to send me an application form or tell me were I can apply as I really do feel that I can go all the way. Thanks, Christopher.

  • Hi ive seen the cube a few times as yet havent seen one that looks remotely difficult cant believe more people dont win the 250k let me on the show an ill show you how easy it really is.

  • Hey Philip.

    Love the cube!

    QUICK NOTE TO PEOPLE ASKING FOR AN APPLICATION FORM: Philip doesn't run or broadcast the show so it's no good asking him (or whoever runs his website). You should contact the creators of the show.

    Also, to people who would like to see the show being made, you can be in the audience. Visit this ITV website:

  • Hi Philip Believe it or not just like everyone else I too Would like an application form for the cube, I don't know about going all the way but I would certainly enjoy trying. And of course I would love to be on tv.(just being honest). Regards Jamie

  • Hi Phillip, i think the cube is great family viewing and would love the opportunity to become a contestant, could you please forward me an application form. thank-you

  • Hello Phillip, I have been trying to find an application form for The Cube but without any luck, what a fantastic game show and I would love the chance to be a contestant, please help me!!

  • It would make my finances day to appear on the cube. Please can u send an application form!

  • hey phillip i m huge fan of ur show plz send me forms i want to come to ur show

  • hi philip how do i go about getting an application form for my partner to come and be a contestent on your show i think he would be great not sure he would beat it but im sure he will give it a good go could you please get back to me with details many thanks

  • Hi Philip!

    I've been looking everywhere trying to see how to become a contestant on the Cube, and everyone seems to be asking you to send them an application form, so, could you send me one please?

    Think my partner could definately beat the Cube!


  • hi philip

    i wondered please could u send me an application form so my daughter could be a part of yur show , i think actually i know she will be very good in the cube . i love your show an watch every week, an she always says i could do that . please can you get back to me shirl

  • I watch the cube every week and get so frustrated because i know i could do better or try to.

    Please send me an application form for the show as i would like to prove to everyone that working under pressure is so easy if you put your mind to it.

    I wouldn't let the cube get the better of me.

  • Hi Philip i watch the show ever week i would love to go up against the cube i no i would go far how do i get on the show or get application form because getting on the show and win sum money would with a new baby on the way thanks

  • hi philip, I really want my husband to try and beat the cube as I believe he will be good at it, would love to win a bit of money to help towards debts and a family holiday as we have just got back together, please can I have more information... thank you.

  • You look like you are showing a Plane were to go, with your hands

  • Hello Philip, My son would love to beat the cube. He plays a lot of sport so is extremely fit.He has been dating his girlfriend Emma for 3 years and are trying to save for a deposit on a house which is going to take forever. This would really give them a chance to build their dreams. Thank you.

  • Hi Philip,my name is ryan i watch the cube all the time when i get a chance :-)i am a very competitive guy,class myself as being quite girlfriend and i r getting married 2014 and having the chance to compete against the cube would b fantastic and i fell very confident i can win the top prize.if only i knew how i could get on the show and win money which would b more than life changing too us thanks.

  • Hi philip, wanted to take part on the challenge and be a contestant on the cube. Having any chance, could you tell me where and how i can apply... wanna beat the cube. thanks!

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