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28th April 2016

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale £1.99/355ml (selected stores)
Waitrose is terrific at finding unusual, non-industrial, well-crafted beers like this one. It’s quite delicate, and can be overpowered by stronger flavours, but it works really with the chilli and scallops – you’re left with a little twist of cucumber on the palate after you’ve taken a bite.

Drink it with... Gochujang chilli scallops in lettuce cups
Beer always goes well with spice, and this combination of flavours works perfectly.
Get the recipe in this week’s Waitrose Weekend, free to pick up from your local Waitrose.

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Uprising Treason West Coast IPA 20% OFF £1.59/330ml (was £1.99, offer ends 10 May)
This is a powerful IPA, with lovely toasty flavours. It’s balanced enough not to overpower the scallops, with just the right amount of edge to cut through the chilli.

Savour Saison 20% OFF £1.59/330ml (was £1.99, offer ends 10 May; selected stores)
This award-winning beer is made with fresh lemongrass, giving it a crisp flavour, balanced by rounded hop bitterness.

Camden Pale Ale 20% OFF £1.59/330ml (was £1.99, offer ends 10 May)
An American-style pale ale, brewed in London, with bold hops, and citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

Brew Dog Nanny State £1.29/330ml
This full-flavoured craft beer with 0.5% alcohol is one very good reason to be the designated driver.

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