Italian Whites

25th February 2016

La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica £10.99/75cl
Lots of wines would sit comfortably with such a light fish and the pesto – the tricky thing is the tomato, which can be hard to pair wines with. But this is a beautifully made, light, crisp wine with real character that brings out the flavour of the pesto but cuts through
the acidity of the tomato. A quite joyous combination.

Drink it with...Pesto tagliatelle with sea bass
The light fish and basil sit well with this Italian white, balanced by acidic tomatoes.
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Try it Now: Italian whites

1. Forte Alto Pinot Grigio save 1/3 at £5.99 (was £8.99, offer ends 15 March)
If you’re going to have a really lovely, delicate piece of fish, the last thing you want is to lose the flavour of that. This well-made Pinot Grigio has the crispness to cut through the tomato but let the fish have its moment.

2. Triade Bianco 25% OFF at £6.59/75cl (was £8.79, offer ends 15 March)
A beautifully crafted blend of the southern Italian grapes Fiano, Falanghina and Greco that delivers ripe pear and citrus notes.

3. Pecorino Terre de Chieti IGP £7.99/75cl
Pecorino is a lesser-known Italian varietal, and this delightful wine has style and character, with fresh, tropical aromas, delicate floral and enticing mineral notes on the finish.

4. Rocca Murer Sauvignon Blanc £7.99/75cl
Grown on the cool hills of the Trento valley, this Sauvignon Blanc has vibrant tropical fruit and lemon aromas, and flavours of green pepper, nettle and a touch of elderflower.

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