Low and no-alcohol drinks

7th January 2016

Forrest Estate The Doctors’ Sauvignon Blanc 2014/2015 £8.99/75cl
Clever winemaking techniques can reduce the sugar in grapes. That’s how this wine retains the crisp, tropical character of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc but with only 9% alcohol by volume. It’s a great match for this chicken dish and has enough character to hold its own with the sesame oil, too.

Drink it with...Fried rice with chicken & greens
Get January off to a deliciously virtuous start with less alcohol and more fresh veg.
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Try it now: Low- and no-alcohol drinks

1. Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water £1.69/500ml
This is a gorgeous tonic water. Serve it neat over ice with a slice of lime, and you can almost believe there’s gin or vodka in there.

2. Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat 2014 20% OFF at £4.79/75cl (was £5.99, offer ends 26 Jan)
The famous Torres wine company makes this with high-quality Muscat grapes. The juice is centrifuged to disperse the alcohol without losing the flavour.

3. Belvoir Ginger Beer £2.29/75cl (selected stores)
Made with spring water and fresh ginger root – perfect when you want a soft drink that’s not too sweet.

4. Beck’s Non-alcoholic Beer 20% OFF at £2.79/6 x 275ml (was £3.50, offer ends 26 Jan)
Crisp and refreshing, this alcohol-free beer is made by removing the alcohol after the brewing process is complete.

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  • Love the Fever Tree Tonic Water its so different to any other well known brands, will have to try the Elderflower one next time

  • Well done Phillip on bringing low or non-alcoholic drinks to peoples attention! You NEVER hear it mentioned on t.v, magazines etc. So many people don't realize that this is an option! I did know about this as 3yrs ago I was taken very ill & told I had Cirrhosis & that if I'd had one more drink, I would've been DEAD within 4 weeks, needless to say I haven't touched it since! Don't miss it or want one! I used to drink cider & my mum told me that you can get an alcohol free cider made by Koppaberg & it's delicious, can have as much as I want without causing any damage to my Liver & best of all NO HANGOVERS!! LOL x

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