Perfect Port

3rd December 2015

Sandeman 20 Years Old Tawny Port 20% OFF at £29.99/75cl (was £37.49, offer ends 29 December)
It’s not really possible to match a range of cheeses with one particular port. But this 20-year-old tawny sits comfortably with all the varieties mentioned here because it isn't too huge and fruity, and has a little maturity. It copes well with the saltiness of the Stilton, the tang of the Cheddar and the creaminess of the Poacher, and you'll find that each brings out a different characteristic in the port.

Drink it with... Christmas cheeseboard
The cheeses not only complement each other but they also go well with a glass of port.
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Try it now: Perfect port

1. Fonseca Terra Prima Port 20% OFF at £14.39/ 75cl (was £17.99, offer ends 29 December)
A delicious organic port that’s ideal for enjoying with a slice of Christmas cake at the end of a busy day when all the tidying up is done and everyone else has gone to bed.

2. Waitrose Reserve Tawny Port £12.99/75cl
Tawnies are a blend of young wines from various harvests. This has been aged for eight years, which is relatively young, but it punches way above its weight.

3. Taylor's Late-Bottled Vintage Port £15/75cl
A rich, robust and fruity drink, aged for five to six years in wood. The ‘late-bottled’ label means it emulates the vintage style, but does not have the sediment or crust, so it’s ready to enjoy now.

4. Warre's Quinta da Cavadinha Port £30.99/75cl
A delicious single quinta port with flavours of mulberry, raisin and prune. Enjoy its graceful complex flavours and mellow feel.

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