Sweet Treats

5th November 2015

Royal Tokaji Blue Label 5 Puttonyos Aszù £12.29/25cl
If you think you don't like sweet wines, it's possible you haven't tried a true dessert variety. Just taste this one before you write them off. There's a beautiful smell of citrus fruits and barley sugar, but it's not cloyingly sweet, and its sexy, marmalade flavours are a perfect match for this spicy ginger cake.

Drink it with... Sticky ginger cake
This sweet and spicy bake will go down even better with a glass of dessert wine.
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Try it now: Sweet treats

1. Brown Brothers Special Late Harvested Orange Muscat & Flora £6.99/37.5cl
If I haven’t convinced you to try the Tokaji, this is a good halfway house – a little lighter in style and a little less honeyed, with lovely orangey fruit. If you find you like it, push the boat out and try the Tokaji!

2. Gran Barquero Pedro Ximenez £9.99/50cl
A deep, intense wine, with elegant notes of raisins, figs, sultanas and caramelised orange, followed by flavours of wood, tobacco, spice and fruit cake.

3. Blandy's Duke of Clarence Rich Madeira £12/75cl
A rich, full-bodied, soft-textured style of Madeira, with a deep golden brown colour and aromas of honey and raisins.

4. Campbell's Rutherglen Muscat £12.49/37.5cl
Super-sweet and golden, this raisined, honeyed wine comes from a fourth-generation
winemaking family dedicated to producing distinctive and characterful wines.

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