Winter Warmers

30th October 2015

Mulled cider
Possibly the last thing on your mind on Bonfire Night is matching your drinks with your food – but it can be done. The spices in the sauce make a beautiful bridge between the cider and hot dog.

Drink it with...Currywurst hot dogs
Spicy sausage and a warming mulled cider make for fireworks of flavour.
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Try it now: Winter warmers

1. Waitrose Fiery Alcoholic Ginger Beer £1.97/500ml
I’m a ginger beer fiend, but I find a lot of ginger beers are too friendly. I want something that’s going to grab hold of me, and this has the depth, the heat and the character I’m looking for. It sets off its own little bonfire in my mouth.

2. Waitrose Duchy Organic India Pale Ale £2.09/500ml or 4 FOR £6 until 10 November
A perfectly balanced and very British ale, with a refreshing crisp taste, zesty hop aromas and a bittersweet finish.

3. Black Sheep Ale £1.79/500ml or 4 FOR £6 until 10 November
Roast coffee maltiness comes from the Goldings hops that are used to make this fruity, bittersweet beer. The hints of orange make this a great pairing with Stilton.

4. Adnams Ghost Ship £1.99/500ml or 4 FOR £6 until 10 November
Inspired by one of Adnams’ most haunted pubs, this ale has good bitterness with attractive lemon and lime aromas, and great citrus flavours.

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