The Cube enters its ninth series

3rd June 2015

Phillip is back with the ninth series of the BAFTA award-winning The Cube, giving fans a mid-week fix of the game show that tests contestants’ skill, nerve and determination to win!

With the return of our favourite games alongside a host of new ones, the question remains – who can beat The Cube, and will anyone walk away with £250,000?

In the first of the brand new series Derry~Londonderry born radiographer Lindsey is supported by her parents, boyfriend and best friend. Working in the trauma department of a Southampton Hospital Lindsey hopes the experience of her job will help her stay calm under pressure when taking on The Cube. Tackling some well-known games including Avoid and Formation, Lindsey does her best to keep her cool but will her competitive nature get the better of her, and can she put her best foot forward? Her dad Harold is a big fan of the series but it’s fair to say he's glad it's her facing The Cube as opposed to him!

The second contestant to take on The Cube is retired Yorkshire man Keith – at 70-years-old, he’s the oldest person to ever take on the challenge. A strong believer that it’s life experience that will put him in good stead, he has his wife, grandson, son and daughter-in-law cheering him on. Despite thinking the Cube would make a fantastic greenhouse Keith keeps a cool head as he faces some games that would have other contestants climbing the walls, but will his strong start continue? And will his love of bowling prove helpful or will he be longing for the green grass of home?

Facing brand new games including Motion Build, which sees the contestant rotating on a platform trying to build a tower, and Contain which asks players to throw a ball into a box with a rapidly opening and closing trap door - will our two hopefuls have their speed, tenacity and nerves tested to the limit as they try to beat The Cube?

Find out in the new series. Starts Wednesday 3rd June at 8pm on ITV.

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  • Hi can you still apply to be on series 9? X

  • Hi can you still apply to be on series 9? X

  • Hi, I am a big fan of the cube and was wondering how to apply for the gameshow the cube and for a chance at the £250 000?

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