The Cube returns for 2015

6th January 2015

Phillip will be back in 2015 to host the ninth series of ITV’s The Cube, with a new set of contestants who will tackle The Cube in the hope of winning a quarter of a million pounds!

The game show that tests contestants’ skill, nerve and determination to win, which will return to its new set with its ground breaking technology and 3D graphics, is set to be a corker.

The new series was announced by Phillip live on This Morning today, 24th November. Ahead of announcing the new series Phillip challenged Fresh Meat star Jack Whitehall to play The Cube live in the This Morning studio. Jack successfully tackled a game of hand-eye coordination called ‘APERTURE’, where he had 20 seconds to place 20 balls through a small hole into a Perspex box, using only one hand!

The ninth series of The Cube will see the return of our favourite games alongside a host of new ones which have been developed especially to push the hopeful contenders to their limits.

Testing their balance and nerve ‘MOTION BUILD’ sees the contestant on a rotating platform trying to build a tower, whilst 'CONTAIN' challenges their speed and tenacity as it asks players to throw a ball into a box with a rapidly opening and closing trap door.

And there is a whole new raft of celebrities facing the nail biting challenge of beating The Cube too. Comedian and actor Rufus Hound, retired footballer Fabrice Muamba, comedian Katherine Ryan and stand-up Rob Beckett are all hopeful that they will win big for their chosen charities.

Do they have what it takes to beat The Cube?

Find out this year. Coming soon to ITV.

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  • My daughter and i both love the Cube and She makes me make up tasks for her to complete as if she were playing for real. Is there any chance of a younger kids show? If so, please can Iselin be first in!!! (5yrs in April - she asked me to point that out!) Regards, Katrina

  • Hello! Excited about the new series! How do we apply to be on the show?

  • Hi, love this programme and would love to be on the show. How can we apply for the 9th series? Rob.B

  • i have being watching this programme for long time now i really want to participate. So i wish i would take my chance one day.

  • Hi there my son jack absolutely loves this show and is always playing it at home. He sets up challenges using everyday household objects ha ha! We are wondering if you will ever be having a kids version that he can get involved in ? Many thanks jo

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