Phillip: 'Why I can't wait for Christmas!'

4th December 2014

After a crazy couple of days meeting Prime Ministers, walking on glass, dining with Davina on rooftops, presenting the weather, headlining ITV news, cabbing it with Chris Moyles - oh, and staying awake for well over 24 hours, it's finally time for Phillip to put his feet up and look ahead to the rest of his Text Santa mission and why he can’t wait for the festive season.

This year especially, what's most important to Phillip is spending quality time with his family.

Schofe readily admits that he's struggled to get used to the fact that both his girls, Molly and Ruby, have now flown the nest - his youngest daughter started University in the autumn.

“It’s really lovely having time with my wife, Steph,” he admits. “But having the kids fly the nest has been shattering. It hit me really hard and it has been horrible.

“After dropping them both off at University in September, we drove home and went to bed. Steph turned on the landing light. I told her not to and when she asked why, I said ‘nobody is here’. For the first time in 21 years, we turned the landing light off!"

“Oh my goodness, it was so strange, and it’s taken a while to get used to," he admits. "But they are both really brilliant at keeping in touch. They are always texting and Facetiming us. I am so glad they do. If they just disappeared, that would have been really horrid."

“The girls are at University now and so we will have Christmas at home this year. We will have the whole family down and there will be around 17 of us. There is a big variation in the family’s ages – anything from eight to eighty!”

Text Santa, he adds, will herald the start of his Christmas festivities! “What I love about Text Santa is we are all mates,” he explains. “We all spend the evening together. For us, it’s the sign off for Christmas!"

"Last year, when I did it with Holly, we swapped hairstyles. Afterwards I jumped in the car and legged it back to Holly’s place. It was only when I arrived that I realised I still had brown hair... but it didn’t matter and we were all sat up until the wee hours! It was such a great night."

“Holly is, obviously, a busy girl right now and so this year I am hosting my slot with Christine, which will be lovely.”

This year, Phillip's embraced the Text Santa spirit like no one before! As well as the actual fundraising night on the 19th, on top of his incredible 24 hour live broadcast on 1st December, he’s also recorded a special festive edition of The Cube.

“When we designed The Cube concept, we were all very precious about the way it was done and the way it looked,” he explains. “We have thrown that all out the window for Text Santa and we have done something I didn’t think we would ever do. It is very different and very exciting.”

Will he do something funny again live on the show?

“Almost certainly,” he replies, roaring with laughter. “But we have yet to pin down what we are going to do!”

He pauses, and then adds: “What I love about Text Santa is the charities change ever year. I like the fact there is something in every charity that strikes a chord.”

Although he readily admits to enjoying the summer because he likes going on holiday for a well-deserved break, Christmas time has its own special connotations for Phillip. His role in the house is definitely not serving up the turkey.

“Everyone has a job,” he reveals. “My job is the wine, atmosphere and clearing up. This is mostly lighting fires, keeping the fires lit, lighting candles and stuff like that. I am also in charge of the games and music.”

Describing himself as a very ‘difficult’ person to buy for at Christmas, he says he tries not to go too crazy with presents. “I don’t want or need anything,” he admits. “I do try to think outside the box."

“For me, the most important thing is if my family are there. Yes it is nice to get a new pair of jeans but I could quite happily wake up and not have anything at all. As long as the girls are there, that is the Christmas present for me.”

Given that he works so hard throughout the year, it is no surprise to learn that Phillip doesn't actually watch that much TV over the festive period. “I spend all year watching and working on it that we don’t do much telly,” he admits. “If there is a big blockbuster, we'll record it and watch it later. I do like having the time off now. I’ve done plenty of Christmases in the past where I have had to work and so I think I have earned it now!”

He also won’t be too suited and booted on Christmas Day. In fact, he is quite happy to relax in his pyjamas until friends and family arrive. “We don’t do funny jumpers," he says. “If it is just the four of us, we are in our pyjamas for ages!”

Returning to Text Santa, Schofe hopes that this year’s show will be a huge success. “That is so important to all of us,” he says. “It’s all we want."

“We are very conscious it is a difficult time of the year but it would be so lovely if people could put aside a fiver or even a ten pounds. You will have a warm feeling that you have done something nice.”

Find out all that's in store for this year's Text Santa.

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  • It is lovely to hear about another side of Phillip he is a fantastic bloke who is such an inspiration to many

  • you deserve a chilled out Christmas with your family, I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. Best wishes to you all xx

  • Thank you for this post! I would love to be a fly on the wall ay your house on Xmas day Phill! Sounds perfect! Merry Xmas and good luck for 2015 xx

  • Have a very "Happy Christmas" and a much deserved break,we have had the empty nest syndrome in our house as they have all been gone for a while now But ........ We have "Grandchildren" ! Who come home with them now :) so lots of excitement is back here now :)

  • well done schofe x you are brill

  • Lovely to hear about Phillips family life. A great bloke and obviously a great dad. Wishing him and his family a fantastic Xmas. He deserves it.x

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