Phillip makes his ice skating debut

10th March 2014

It finally happened, the moment fans have been waiting for since the very first series of Dancing on Ice began.

Phillip wowed fans this weekend as he and Christine Bleakley opened the Grand Final of the last ever Dancing on Ice with their own mini performance.

The presenting duo were aided by Matt Evers and Alexandra Schauman as they made their onscreen ice skating debut.

"I don’t know what all the fuss is about," said Phillip, "piece of cake!"

Judges Robin, Karen, Ashley and Jason also took to the ice for their own special performance, proving they know exactly what their talking about!

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean captured the audience's attention as they performed the classic Bolero dance which famously won them their gold Olympic medal in 1984.

The Grand Final saw actor and musician Ray Quinn take home the trophy with a hat trick of perfect scores. Coronation Street actress Haylely Tamaddon won second place, with gymnast Beth Tweddle coming in third.

Catch up on ITV player here.

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  • How brave of u Phillip but I missed it as i went out could they show it on this morning please would love 2 c it,

    • We missed it too, hopefully catch it on iPlayer!

  • very well don

  • Hello Phillip If it is a peace of Cake to be on the Ice why did you not do it on the 1st Seires. I was thinking Karen must be so Nuvuse skating with Jason i think she should have Robin. Robin is so Amazing how to make an enters coming in It is so lovely to see Karen Skating for the Frist time. I have to say i thought Jason was fun and Posing as well I really like the way you came in and i was so inpress that you did not Fall. Well done Phillip. Christine was good nice spin in Arm. Ashley was very rough on the Eges needed more work to be better. It is really nice Jason was more Happyer this time around. I have to say he is just OK in person. It is really nice that i could not see you with any tears at all.but i know deep down in your heart you were crying but you did not show it in the show. I can read you like a book Phillip i know you are not a book. I was listening what Jayne and Christopher said from the begining there are going to be a twist and Surprise in the Show. The twist was to Have 2 winners to share the Trophe' s to be fair it would 5 each altogether it is now 4 for the Girls and 5 for the Boys. i think Hayley and Ray should share it.

  • I would of Liked of seen Beth's Baby Berlo on the show at the End of show other wise we will not see it at all The Show Was Fantastic I am ready Missing Jayne And Christopher already I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

  • Mixed emotions! Wonderful programme but I ended in tears as it is the last of the DOI Programmes! Sundays will never be the same again. Lovely to see you Phillip and Christine on the ice also the judges. Glad you brought Holly back for the final too. Thanks for the best ever series of shows on TV.

  • Well the last ever DOI, what will I do with my Sunday evenings. There is nothing else to fill my nights. Would have preferred to see Haley and Dan as winners but, hey ho that's where the cookie crumbles!!! Please consider and come back torvell and dean???

  • Great show to end it all, had me in tears too, will miss the hosts, tortilla and dean and especially the funny stars. Knew Ray wud do it tho close call with Hayley being great too. Joe one of my favourites tho, always made me laugh. Hope that's not the last we see of Chris and jane

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