So long Suzanne!

17th February 2014

It was eighties week on Dancing On Ice this Sunday and spirits and hair were high – even our Schofey was getting in on the action!

It’s getting harder and harder to see our celebrity champions hang up their skates, and it was a shock result for many to see Kyran Bracken and Suzanne Shaw in the dreaded skate-off after strong opening performances.

As Suzanne’s first time EVER in the fight for a place next week, she admitted she was nervous but was “glad to still be here. I’ve enjoyed every second. Everyone’s amazing.” Watch her skate off to Madonna’s Music here.

Nicky was first to cast his vote, commenting that “neither of you should be here. I wish I wasn’t here.” Eventually voting to save Kyran, it was a decision Ashley agreed with, adding “Suzanne, I wanted to save you, you’re one of my favourite performers but there were too many mistakes. Kyran, you performed beautifully.”

Jason was the third judge to save Kyran, meaning we would definitely be saying goodbye to Suzanne. He also commented on Suzanne’s skating ability, noting “you are phenomenal, but mistakes are costly in the skate-off.”

Suzanne accepted the decision gracefully, commenting “I’m glad we went out on one of our best skates” and tweeting a heartfelt farewell:

We’ll miss you Suzanne! Were you shocked with the result or do you think it was Suzanne’s time to go? Let us know!

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  • I actually think that the panel new who they were going to save before the skate off, I said to my husband there all going to keep kyran in and vote Susanne out, they want an all male celebrity final, watch this space x

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