Dancing on Ice line-up revealed!

11th December 2013

Dancing on Ice dashes back through the show with an All Star line-up to celebrate the final series!

Lacing up their skates this January will be a Celebrity line-up like no other, as they return to the ice to defend their titles. Returning from series past, these bladed pros will really be put to the test!

Taking to the ice in 2014 are:

Bonnie Langford (third in series 1)

Suzanne Shaw (winner in series 3)

Zaraah Abrahams (third in series 3)

Hayley Tamaddon (winner in series 5)

Jorgie Porter (second in series 7)

Beth Tweddle (winner in series 8)

David Seaman (fourth in series 1)

Kyran Bracken (winner in series 2)

Gareth Gates (fourth in series 3)

Ray Quinn (winner in series 4)

Todd Carty (ninth in series 4)

Gary Lucy (second in series 5)

Sam Attwater (winner in series 6)

Joe Pasquale (sixth in series 8)

Celebrating the very best of its celebrity skaters, the final series will see a mixture of finalists and show favourites from its entire run.

The 9th series which starts in the New Year, will be the last of the glittering ice skating competition and it promises to go out with a bang.

'Viewers are in for an absolute treat this year,' says Phillip. 'I'm over the moon we'll be welcoming back to the ice some of our very best skaters and characters from over the years.'

Olympic skating superstars Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean will return one final time to help train our celebrities.

This year the legendary sporting duo will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their Olympic Bolero win during the show’s run.

With mind-blowing performances and awe-inspiring tricks from our skating professionals and celebrities, the final series will be the most spectacular yet as our stars spin, jump and headbang their way to the ultimate accolade – Dancing on Ice All-Stars Champion.

Get more rink-side gossip on the official website.

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  • Loving the line up. Can't wait for the series to star. My fav show. Xxx

    • Me too, and same here.......xx

    • Really looking forward to watching, saw the show live at Wembley & loved every minute, so glad Todd is coming back go for it Todd!!!!!!!!

  • The show should be fab with all the stars really looking forward to it speciality if Todd Carty does a trick like the last one that was so funny BRING IT ON

  • wow....this'll be very competitive!! Last series :( .....will you be skating Phil?

    • Yes Phil it would be nice if you can have a skat as it will be the last show ????

  • I can't wait but so disappointed it's the the last series I absolutely love the show, I will be watching all the thrills and spills :-) xx

    • Me too, I really love this show, I think its the one I look forward to most all year :-(

  • So looking forward to this ... It gets better an better every year.... I was 8 when i saw Jane torvoil and Christopher Dean do the beliro and have been à big fan of them since .. even my kids love this now .. it will be sad not to see dancing on ice on our screens after this year :-/ good luck to them xx

  • awwww NO... So sad to hear its the last ever one :-( I love this show, the winter months, will no longer be the same :-(

  • Can't wait for January but so sad that it is to be the very last of the series. My favourite show on TV, am going to miss it so much! Had the privilege of being in the audiance at last series, one of the best nights of my life, thanks to my daughter and her husband. My favourite male presenter....You Phillip, of course!

  • Todd Carty?? Aw bless him glutton for punishment isnt he! Lol Great line-up though! I personally hope Hayley Tamaddon wins :)

  • Pity you didn't bring Holly back as well, Christine is as cold as ice and makes me want to watch on catch up so I can fast forward when she is on

    • Yes bring back holly

  • glad to see Todd Carty is back , we in for a good belly laugh . go TODD

  • Can't wait great line up disappointed Holly isn't back though

  • what a load of rubbish, looks like itv is running out of ideas for making new shows. I wont be watching.

  • Loving the line up but would have loved Chris fountain and Matthew wolfenden in he last one too

  • So sad it's the last series but it will be a fitting one. Will be very competitive. Shame Holly isn't coming back to host though.

  • Fantastic line up.. I too am so sad its the last series... but I feel even sadder for tge poor girl who gets the lovely todd carty... she knows she's definitely not going to win... not fair on her really.? What do you think?

  • Loving the line up.. Can't believe this is the lastever DOI :/ #sadface I'm sure that the last one ththough will be better than ever before ;) #cantwaitforittostartnow

  • Carn,t wait for it 2 begin,it,s a shame it,s the last series,going 2 miss it so much,such a family show where u can enjoy yr family time 2gether.Gd luck 2 all xx

  • Can't wait till January shame it will b the last ever of Dancing On Ice

  • Great apart from Bonnie Langford!

  • Looks good although I think it should have just been the winners. No Matthew Wolfendon? Gutted :(

  • Shame Chris Fountain isn`t taking part, I thought he was the best ever, even though he lost out to Suzanne Shaw in series 3

  • Go for it Hayley , Very pleased to see all the stars . One Super show. So sorry it will be the last.

  • so looking forward to this series, will be fab with this line up , competition will be tough for the celebs they are all so good , with a couple of exceptions haha .

  • Can't wait to see the show! Will the Silver Fox take to the ice I wonder?

  • My 3 girls and I love this show and are gutted that this is the last one. My girls love having an early shower and then snuggling up on couch in their pj's with me to watch xxxx

  • Always look forward to the show and never want it to end - especially this one, knowing it will be the last - such a shame! :-(

  • Sorry to hear its the last series but not impressed by it being all the previous contestants. Don't think I'll be watching and I love the show so feeling very disappointed : (

  • Just wondering who Daniel Whiston's going to be paired up with given 2 of his previous partners, who both won, are back again. Hoping it'll be Hayley in some ways. Their Jai Ho was incredible! And seeing as Frankie and David Seaman are still together, will they be paired up? And will Sylvain shack up with yet another ice partner? Oooh looking forward to this one!!! But booo, such a shame it's going to be the last one.

  • So where will I get my fix of Torville & Dean now ???????? Have loved Dancing on Ice.... T&D have still got loads in them - really hope they will still keep appearing I public.... please... Pretty please....

  • What a fab line up here's to an exciting competition :-):-)

  • The line up does look amazing as there are so many talented skaters already there I have no idea who will be the top of the class in 2014, so looking forward to it would love to come to the show and see it live but never manage to get tickets!! Oh well best view from my couch where I can pause and rewind as will have it series linked for sure, is it really the last one :-(

  • Sad its the last series but wheres Lee Sharpe? Come on make my Christmas as already got tkts for April ;-)x

  • I can't believe its gonna be the last series its absolutely fantastic viewing every year

  • So sad to hear its the Finel one. But i am looking forward to it since its the last one could we see phillip on the ice be good and could we have holly back as well as christen. O phillip and holly and christen make a good team.

  • Wow! What a line up and some of my favourite skaters as well. Gutted it is to be the very last of the show. This and strictly are what keep me going through winter :-(

  • Cant wait to see you back in January and my daughter and i will be going to see you in April,but it is also going to be sad knowing it is going to be the last time . Thank you Jayne and Chris and all the fab skaters

  • Bring back holly

  • Can anyone tell my why all the good programs come to an end and all the rubbish continues forever.

    Love skating on ice it will be sorely missed.

  • I love this show,bring Holly Willoughby back it's not the same

  • Awesome !! Absolutely love this show !!

  • I love dancing on ice, i can't believe its the last one, i will be watching this one like always, can't wait now :)

  • Sorry it is the last one. Totally agree with the general opinion that Holly should be back for the last series. Would love to see the Silver Fox have a bash on the ice!!! January will never be the same again.

  • I think it is time Dancing On Ice Finish on the High. But i think it is such a Fantastic Show I will miss it but it is for the best to stop becouse it would be borring if it carrred on forever. Jayne And Christopher are such Amazing and thank you for giving us all a Wonderfull Show. it will be something to remmber, to look back on. I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER AND JAYNE.

    • I really want to meet you so much and Karen, Robin and i would love to meet Kraz as well

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