The last Cube of the series!

13th May 2013

Have you been watching The Cube?

The high-tech game show, which uses state of the art filming techniques to catch contestants complete seemingly simple tasks, is coming to the end of another series this Saturday.

Watch as contestants fulfil tests of speed, agility, balance and memory under the harsh lights of The Cube and the glare of a live studio audience.

Would you crack under the pressure?

Watch the final episode this Saturday at 8.45pm on ITV and catch up on all the nerve-jangling excitement on the ITV Player now.

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  • When is the next series on I can't believe it's finished tv shows will be boring now :(

  • yeah when is the next series and when can we apply for the application form as i really really want to be on there and win mega money and send my mum on a dream holiday after she is battling cancer and i owe her money bk for deposit she lent me and im struggling with it so im working hard for it so i would love some help when we can apply many thanks!

  • how can i be a contest on the show

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