Beth takes home gold!

11th March 2013

Beth brought home gold when she won Dancing on Ice 2013. The Olympic champion was left “speechless” after scooping the skating crown. Tweddle took home the 2013 trophy after beating off rival Matt to be crowned Queen of the Ice in a Final ice-travaganza.

The Olympian gymnast opened the show with her Showcase to the disco-tastic Car Wash, leaving behind a very soapy Sylvain!

Luke and his professional partners got into the cowboy spirit as they performed a Wild West Showcase to the rockabilly sounds of Jimmy Orion Ellis' cover of Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Runner-up Matt went back to Big Band for his skating Showcase to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Mr. Pinstripe Suit in his bid for this year's DOI crown.

For a final feast, the three could-be champions returned to the rink to skate to their all-time favourite routines. Matt turned up the tunes when he went back to his body-popping, headbanging routine - his very first performance - to Chris Brown's pop hit from Show one.

Beth shows the crowd just how far she’d come by returning to her emotional performance to Emeli Sande’s Clown.

For Luke, Little Things from the Leveller was his routine of choice. Skating to One Direction, this returning performance meant that the Olympic boxer was out on the ice without professional partner Jenna for a portion of the act.

For one night only, the Final saw contestants past and present reunite on the rink for a last performance to a medley of their greatest skating hits.

But something’s missing? It was time to bring on the Bolero!

No Dancing on Ice Final would be complete without our contenders taking on the famous routine in a bid for the title of Ice Queen or King. Watch as Beth and Matt both battle for the crown to the Bolero.

Get all the Final gossip, highlights and more head over to the official Dancing on Ice website.

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  • What a wonderful final, best yet! Glad I wasn't a judge but I was pleased to see Beth crowned Queen, even if the judges weren't! Sunday nights TV won't seem so enjoyable now!

  • Hello Phillip I am so glad Beth Won she really diserve to win and i am so happy that she Won she was the best Staketer out of all of them. I have to say i was right who will win the show. I am so glad for Daniel to have a Hat trik 3 in the Row. Congrateulions Daniel. I still Love you Daniel. I am glad that Matt lost but he was good, It would be wired if he won, to go with Matt last year it would be Matt 2012 and Matt 2013 i am so please it was not like that at all.I have to say Phillip Holly is right that it is Jayne's first Headbager becouse it is her first time for Jayne to do the headbagger. If you look back she never did a headbager and i have to say it was BRILLANT. You really have to ask her yourself.I know i am Right and Holly is to. I so much enjoy Beth all the way from the begining. To the end. I really think the Judges are not that good this year for some reason

  • Hello Phillip Frist i like to say to you Happy Birthday for Tomorrow 1st Of Apirl and Congratulions for your Birthday and i hope you have a fantastic day. I am so please that Beth won for Dancing On Ice 2013 she is my favourite counting all the other Winners form this show from the past years. she really diserve it and well done Beth and Daniel as well it is a hat trick for you Dan, it is only becouse you are Brillant an Amazing Pro Skater I love you Daniel. I think Beth is so Amazing and so good i love all the Rouuines you have done I LOVE Kith as well too.he is so good

  • I really like to see All the Winners do a Special Show of Dancing On Ice of there own with out Boys V Girl's like a garle would be brillent And the Not so good ones as well, to join in as well. As a Fun Show.

    • and Jayne and Dean and not forgetting Robin as well And Kyran

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