It’s goodbye from Gareth…

4th March 2013

The Dancing on Ice Semi Finals saw Gareth Thomas forced to pull out of the competition after his motion sickness became all too much.

The world-class rugby star was a strong contender for the 2013 Finals, however the Welshman had been struggling with his motion sickness all week after training for the Semi Final required skill: flying!

Although Gareth managed to perform one skate on on the safety of the rink, he soon hung up his harness after the on-site doctor declared him too ill to compete above the ice.

The high-flying motion didn't stop Matt, Luke or Beth, who gracefully took to the skies and towered above the Dancing on Ice set.

EastEnders’ actor Matt Lapinskas gave a phenomenal performance as he ran, jumped and hoisted his way to the Final in Straighten Up and Fly Right.

And fly right he did, bringing home a whopping score of 39 – the highest the competition has seen. Watch the performance.

Boxing champ Luke Cambell, who also suffers from motion sickness, said that the routine left him ‘sick as a dog’ after he took flight during his performance to the aptly-named song, Higher Up. Watch Luke's performance.

Beth was sure to show her sassy side as she skated to Jessie J’s Domino, but it wasn't enough to turn-on judge Jason Gardner, who said that she looked ‘dead behind the eyes’. Ouch! See Beth's routine now.

So after this shock turn of events, who will be crowned king or queen of the ice this year? Tune in Sunday, ITV, from 6.15pm to find out!

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  • First of all i do not what to be rude or say anything wrong I do not wnat to make things diffcult i have to say I think Christopher and Jayne made a mistake by pushing Gareth To Fly he said persific i am not doing it at all becouse you are not putting me up there flying i just can not do it. I think Christopher and jayne never listen to him at all, becouse it is for a reason why he can not do it, that he is not alond to do, so Jayne and Christopher are wrong on this.I know flying is the skill they have to stead of Gareth you could have had Jason to do it. I really feel sorry for Gareth last week. I think Matt's Flying was good but not great at all, he did not diserve 10's at all it was not that good, really i think he should of just got 9's only. I really do not understand why Robin, Karen, Ashley, and Jason, think Matt is the best, becouse Matt is't. But i will say Matt's Flying is better than Chris Fondtine's flying. I really think Matt is better Acting than Skating. I really feel sorry for Beth that she is getting lower scores she diserve higher scores becouse she is better than Matt. becouse she is a better skater than Matt is. I am not getting at him i know he might be really nice person but not in skating, I do like him but that is all. I really hope BETH WINS SHE got to. I hope Beth gets 30 in both her routines this week for the Fianl.

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