The Cube is coming...

28th February 2013

The BAFTA award-winning programme is back this Saturday on ITV! Catch up with the first episode on the ITV Player now!

Will someone finally beat The Cube and take home the top prize of a quarter of a million pounds?

Phillip is back for a spectacular sixth series with fabulous new games to test contestants' ability, nerve and determination to win. The Cube will continue to challenge members of the public to attempt deceivingly simple tasks in a giant cube.

Once inside, there is nowhere to hide, as their entire journey is captured from all angles by over ninety slow-motion and Gamefreeze cameras. The Cube uses state of the art filming techniques and catches all the nerve-jangling excitement and drama wherever it happens in the Cube, giving you the full effect of the intense pressure felt by the show’s contestant!

Each player starts with nine lives and has to complete seven tasks to win the jackpot. But if they accept the challenge and lose all their lives during the game, they will leave with nothing...

Tune in Saturday night at 8.15pm on ITV to see if anyone has what it takes to win the top prize and catch up with all the latest episodes on the ITV Player now.

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  • Love this ! How can i apply to have a go against The Cube ????

  • Awesome. Love the show.

  • Looking forward to watching The Cube on Saturday

  • I Love the Cube and i really like all the games especialy the new games to. I am glad your show is back Good Luck Phillip.

  • I went to see The Cube being recorded and found it to be a very enjoyable experience. Phillip Schofield was an absolutely smashing fun, professional and humourous personality. Great show, great experience, great presenter. I can't wait to see the show I watched being televised. Thanks Phillip for a great experience

  • I love your Show the cube it's mad & you Present it so well lol I hope I get to meet you on the cube & get the Chance to beat the cube .thanks mr & mrs simon :)

  • Hi phillip me and my 6 year old boy love the show and he prays for me i get chosen . Plz do consider my request its my dream x

  • really enjoying the show.would love the chance to prove i can go all the way and beat the cube.thats what the shows all about.hope to hear from you soon.

  • oohhhh its soo frustrating watching,when it looks soo easy yet people get defeated. would love to try and beat the cube,i reckon i could do most games.........if i had thousand lives haaaaa

  • I would LOVE to be considered to have a go at the cube, I find myself shouting at the tele telling people how to play, so wonder if its that hard, haha

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