All Star Mr & Mrs is back!

23rd August 2012

Phillip puts an all-new batch of celebrity couples to the test to see how well they really know each other as the fourth series of All Star Mr and Mrs returns to ITV1!

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne and wife Georgina Byrne, actress and EastEnders star Patsy Palmer and husband Richard Merkell and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and wife Pauline Prescott all join Phillip in the studio to kick off the brand new series as it makes its glittering return on Wednesday 5th September at 8pm.

Each show will see three star couples compete, and the pair with the most points after two rounds will go on to play for a big cash prize of £30,000 for the charity of their choice.

As the All Star Mrs & Mrs celebrities are quizzed about their relationships, one half of the pair will be sent off to a sound-proofed booth whilst their partner is tested on their lives together. The other half will then return and be challenged to match their answers in a bid to win points.

Tune in to ITV1 on Wednesday 5th September at 8pm and join Phillip as he delves into the world of celebrity couples and asks, “How well do you REALLY know one another?!”

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  • Is it just going to be Phillip for the entire series or is Fern returning aswell?

  • Hello Phillip I am so please that All Star Mr and Mrs is coming back it has been so long since the last show you did for MR And Mrs i really can not wait to see it. I can see that you are doing it on your own for a change you can have all the fun you like. I was thinking have you had Ant and his Wife on this show, if he has't i like you to put them on your show sometime.And Dec with Partner if he has not he could have Me, it is only an idea. I like to see them do other things than their own show's for a change. I really hope the show goes sucessful as the Cube has. Good Luck You really need it and do not fall down the Stairs. I like to see you fly on to the stage like you did before in the Stars it is great.'

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