The Tweek: 'I was 50 Shades of Grey before it was cool!'

29th June 2012

7 Days ago

  • @London_Studios: Today in studios: @loosewomen with Mark Wright. Also All Star Mr & Mrs with @Schofe

6 Days ago

  • @SGSvehicles Great show tonight hats off to @WarwickADavis such a funny man I knew he was funny, but tonight he was outstanding :)
  • But you'll have to wait 'till Christmas to see it because our attempt is for ‪#textsanta‬ :)

5 Days ago

  • About to record the final Mr & Mrs of the series, at least doing this will be less stressful than watching the footie! ;)
  • Recording of Mr & Mrs 2012 is complete. And what brilliant fun it's been. Now having a beer in the green room with the mighty John Barnes!
  • Just to prove it :)
  • @MissCharleyWebb: Had such a fun day doing Mr and Mrs..thank you to @Schofe for being a gentleman, as always
  • Thanks for playing x
  • @GregorPaton69 on ‪#TheCube‬ I hope they do that one where you have to kick a ball thru a big rectangle from 12 yards. ‪#England
  • @dennis_les: Phillip you are the consummate host. Claire and I had a ball.
  • Thank you so much. My pleasure! Thanks for playing :)

4 Days ago

  • Just took my mum to see The Queen at a Jubilee garden party. As we were leaving some school kids asked if SHE was the Queen (she loved it)

3 Days ago

  • @Redveee: @hollywills is @Schofe a bad loser?
  • She's a big cheat
  • Gimme a bloody break, I was 50 Shades of Grey before it was cool!
  • @rubyschofe: @schofe was outside and someone said hello to him so he said hello back. however, it was a sheep, he said hello to a sheep.

2 Days ago

  • @EmmaBunton: I love @Schofe and @hollywills
  • And we love you :) x
  • @LeylaNiyazi: The lovely Phillip @Schofe at the Motcomb street party
  • Hi to everyone I just met at the Motcomb Street Party. Proud to have been invited by The Household Cavalry!! Proceeds to their foundation &
  • Then on to the ITV/Parliamentary drinks do on College Green behind Westminster Abbey. A mix of tv types and MP's! Beautiful setting ..
  • Great party @motcombsp hope you raise a fortune for the @HCMRegt Foundation and @CFTrust
  • @Charles_HRH: Just don't expect one to put the drinks bill through expenses.

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