A Diamond Jubilee Tweek

8th June 2012

From the shimmering procession to a shivering Schofe in the studio, relive the past week's splendour - plus some drama from The Cube!

6 Days ago

  • Upstairs on the bus... at the front... pretending to drive :) #still10

5 Days ago

  • Right @julieetchitv that's it for the the night, I can't absorb another Royal fact. Been studying all day. I'm opening the wine #itvjubilee
  • @ilikebigbums: @Schofe then you'll forget all you've learned today, unless of course, it's only a quarter of a glass !
  • I've written it all down :)
  • @rickyboleto: @Schofe @julieetchitv good luck tomorrow
  • actually, we're on Tuesday. Start at 8:30am @rickyboleto ... Got some great guests :)
  • The Cube's on in 4 mins #justsaying :)
  • Hopeless with balls eh! This should be interesting :) #thecube
  • Also, tonight for the first time ever #thecube sends a contestant to A & E!!!
  • Ok, having sent a contestant off in an ambulance... what we need now is a big winner ;) #thecube
  • @Dexter1196: @Schofe on #Thecube when you say it takes on average of so many tries,who is the average based on.
  • everyone who has played the game, the game team, the crew... me :)
  • @JoshuaWesterman: @Schofe you are top boy #thecube. And you have great hair. RT
  • haha!! Thank you
  • @belgiantruffle: Now watching @Schofe on #TheCube is anyone ever gonna beat this thing?
  • ...... Yes :)
  • @BevM1978: Looking forward to your coverage of the Jubilee
  • thanks Bev, should be fun

4 Days ago

  • Did John Sergeant just say 'We'll probably see more tonight when we watch it on television' ? John mate... you're on now!!!
  • Well, I should imagine Her Majesty is looking forward to a sit down and cuppa now!
  • Ha! Watching 'All the Queen's Horses on ITV 1 ... This couldn't be more up her street

3 Days ago

  • @ITV1 @markaustinitv @julieetchitv @alstewitn @newsgirlitv On my way in with wellies and Barbour, I look decidedly horsey #diamondjubilee
  • Now THAT'S a view! :)
  • Just posted a photo
  • Just posted a photo
  • Just posted a photo
  • RT @nurserynursejo: @Schofe COME ON PHILIP WAITING FOR THE PHOTO OF GOLD WATERFALL ON PALACE...... Sorry, I'm watching Stevie!
  • Just posted a photo
  • Just posted a photo

2 Days ago

  • Morning @ITV1 @markaustinitv @julieetchitv @alstewitn @newsgirlitv Here we go :)
  • Our studio #itvjubilee
  • Joan Collins has just arrived in our studio!
  • Wow! What a marathon, but what a brilliant day. Hope you enjoyed. After 7 and a half hours, I'm going to treat myself to a wee!
  • After a truly memorable day, I'm on my way home for a large glass of something from Kentucky :)
  • Ha! No, not KFC! My friend Jack
  • Don't know if you can see, but my hand is actually turning blue! :)
  • RT @annclarke16 @Schofe woz gr8 coverage well done :-) Thanks so much Ann, once again I thought our @itv team were amazing :)
  • RT @HCMRegt thank you for your brilliant commentary on the Regiment during the #DiamondJubileeProcession, a true blue-red-blue champion. :D
  • @HCMRegt thanks so much. Loved the day. Congratulations to all concerned. The Sovereign was well escorted! Now back to the boot polishing ;)

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  • loved it all loved beautiful day

  • I love the Cube, Phillip do you know when the rest of the series will air on ITV? They put 5 episodes on then just 1 and now Poirot?

  • What a great weeks tv on itv. Thanks. Philip is a great presenter. Makes it look so easy.

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