The Tweek: Kissing the Queen's horses

1st June 2012

It's Phillip's weekly Tweek - a round up of @schofe's week on Twitter! This week, Phillip kisses one of the Queen's horses, shows off some Jubilee cakes and meets the Queen of the cobbles, Barbara Knox.

6 Days ago

  • Very late to the Eurovision party (thankfully) next to last eh? I'm amazed we did so well! ;)
  • @ThePuntaMarina: @Schofe how come we enter such cr**
  • @end2endmum: @Schofe why thankfully? If you did not watch it do not comment.
  • Yes, but I heard our song :)
  • @sarah_hayward24 do you think it's time for the uk to bring back the public vote for choosing our act?
  • Nope, it's time to pull out
  • @tonyclarke1 I think we should get robbie williams to do it. We'd win it then!
  • Not even Robbie could win it for us, it's too political
  • @sordopinchadisc: @Schofe forget robbie not even Adele could do it for us !
  • Agreed

5 Days ago

  • Just got back from a stunning weekend in Zurich with the 3 principle women in my life :) brilliant fun
  • Actually went to watch @coldplay ahead of their UK gigs, if you have tickets, you're in for a brilliant night! Had a happy face for 2 hours!
  • - Paradise :)
  • @Greg4271: @Schofe and @coldplay even dedicated a song to you, I heard?
  • Yep, "Yellow" I nearly exploded with joy :)
  • @xxlkrxx: @Schofe bracelet?
  • Well wristband to be precise :)
  • Oh No!!! Er .. Well done @celebrityjuice & @hollywills on your BAFTA ... I guess I'll be flying with a comatose co-pilot tomorrow!! :)

3 Days ago

  • @WCYDGibbo: @Schofe you are my hero you chrome haired pimp.
  • Hahaha!! That's a new one :)
  • @HCMRegt: On @itvthismorning tomorrow @Schofe finds out how much work goes into preparing for the #DiamondJubilee & get kissed by Thomas
  • Just watched Countrywise Jubilee about The People's Pageant on ITV1 its a beautiful programme. If you missed it it's on +1 #justsaying
  • If not, Royal Restoration will give you an insight into the man I know through @PrincesTrust and who is well worth getting to know :)

2 Days ago

  • @itvthismorning: Today: @schofe and Queen's cavalry, @alexisconran @palomafaith & @reallorraine on her move to @daybreak
  • @StopGoSixty: @Schofe @itvthismorning Phil and Horse
  • Ah, me and Thomas :)
  • @xAimeeLeannex: @Schofe tut tut are doing a wil.i .am and tweeting in the studio :o!?
  • I invented it! ;)
  • @Jantunstill: Lovely seeing @schofe again thanks for your time & hope u liked the jubilee cakes x
  • Amazing! :)
  • @reallorraine it was a real pleasure to see you today. You're going to be brilliant on @daybreak I'm sure :) x
  • Hi @Jantunstill have you seen @rubyschofe 's instagram? Jubilee cupcakes

1 Day ago

  • Feeling sorry for the guy who looks like he's paid an extra £100k for a flat after being told I'd put in an offer, sorry mate, I didn't :(
  • It's been in a London paper and a property mag. I think the story should be who told the fib to him and got him to pay more #conmerchants
  • well @andybaillie1980 though I picked the Dr up on her facts, I put the point to Nick that a) Dr's pay shouldn't be restricted ....
  • and @andybaillie1980 b) they were looking for fairness, not preferential treatment. You were hearing what you wanted to hear perhaps?
  • Me and @hollywills with the Queen of the Cobbles the wonderful Barbara Knox #corrie
  • - Behind the scenes at TM. Martin (Director) Andrew (Vision Mixer) Carole (PA) & @palomafaith #thismorning

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  • What is it like kissing the Queen's Horse's Just to let you know i have seen all the Queen's horse's a very long time ago with the Carrage and felt the carrage marking's on it and saw the Paride of the Colour in June when i was younger and it was Amazing and something to remmber. And i went to a Horse show on Grass and saw Princess Ann. I wish i'd met her. and I saw the Queen coming out of the Town Hall in Manchester I was at the front row but she never came to me.Phillip i wish i'd met the Queen Mother i just love the Queen mother, I saw Prince Charlcse to,he was in Stockport years ago. I wish i could meet Prince William i am so fond of him and Princess and Duchess of Cambridge Kate too. I have to say my birthday is the same as the Queen's birthday in June. I hope you like this. I us to do Horse riding and win Meddles and cups for Dressarge. Hope you do not mind me saying this to you.

  • Are you walking on water our just standing in the water. Anywhere it is a really nice photo

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