The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

1st June 2012

This weekend, the nation will be adorned with Union-Jack-themed attire to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, a celebration of the only monarch most Brits have ever known.

Phillip will host The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee live from Buckingham palace, giving you a front row seat to events at the palace and from street parties all of the UK. The programme will be full of tributes, memories and thanks - do not miss this momentous occasion.

Tune in to join Phillip during The Queen's Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday 5 June from 8.30am on ITV1.

You can also follow the live coverage online at

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  • Phillip, you are such a great presenter. What an honour for you! I hope everything goes well and you enjoy your day!

  • am very PROUD of our QUEEN very. Shes e mailed me with a thankyou for support She has also had messages from myself about MS and CCSVI and what happening globally via fb too. Sent her messages on her you tube page. I live near the Queens jubille park in LEICESTER. Also knew Colnel Martin who helped her open this park too . She is a very good kind lady

  • I hope it goes really well for you

  • All the best for today as you report from Buckingham Palace. I will be watching!

  • Looking forward to watching the celebrations on tv unlike my children who have to go to school as our miserable council decided NOT to close our schools . I'm sure they will have a good day as school providing a street party ...

  • What was that flag with a black background & white cross

  • Thought you and Julie did a fantastic job on the Queens Diamond Jubilee. I watched it all day on Tuesday and you made it feel like i was there.Your guests were great paricually David Starkey. Hope you have all thawed out, dried out and at last had something to eat!Well done to ALL the staff,reporters, backroom boys and girls . Well done all of you, and thanks for great coverage of a wonderfull occassion.Makes me proud to be British.

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