The Tweek: 'Here we are sharing a joke'

25th May 2012

Don't freak! It's Phillip's weekly Tweek - a round up of @schofe's week on Twitter! This week, Phillip buys an old camera, talks about stuffing a badger and is visited by the Queen.

6 Days ago

  • @Gailb_Benefit @benefit_uk_ire @refugecharity thanks SO much Phillip, hopefully we will raise even more money mascarathonuk
  • Good luck :)
  • Yikes!!! Awkward #thevoice Gotta get it right though
  • Don't flash @hollywills knickers mate, she'll deck you, cos she's wearing a heavyweight boxers belt :)
  • Are they arguing about visuals? Isn't it supposed to be 'the voice' #confused
  • Or.... If you were on MY team ;) Voice+Chair.jpg
  • Haaaaaaaa! Who is this woman caught on camera on ITV1's coverage of the footie just now?!! #nosepic nosepicker.jpg
  • She went up there 3 times!! Looked like an unsuccessful foray :)
  • These next few tweets are for tv geeks only, you have been warned. After looking for many years, I finally have the symbol of my love for tv
  • Spent the afternoon taking it out of a van and putting it together .... BBC_Camera.jpg
  • An original Television Centre EMI 2001 camera. The mere glimpse of one, as a 10 year old, could send me into raptures :)
  • And now, I finally have one BBC_Camera_2.jpg
  • Thank you to Simon for making a boyhood dream come true (far left) and Neil for your help :) BBC_Camera_3.jpgBBC_Camera_4.jpg
  • @millwallant: @Schofe you know the iPhone takes video right? ;-)
  • Good tweet :)
  • @TheRealWB: @Schofe Does it still work?
  • It came with all the kit to make it work, now I need a genius old school engineer!
  • @LisaWWRY: @Schofe Give a boy a new old toy and they're happy for hours or rather in your case years!!!
  • And it came with a manual :)
  • @padgeman123: as a fan of football i want to see bayern win this, @Schofe (Phillip Schofield) who do you support?
  • well @padgeman123 I don't support a team, but as I work with lovely @clbleakley I'm Chelsea all the way on this. #welikefrank :)
  • Ha! #welovefrank Well done Chelsea @clbleakley

5 Days ago

  • Officers from Avon & Somerset are raising money for the brilliant Blue Lamp Foundation

3 Days ago

  • @Desolationway: 'Is there something you want to stuff but havnt stuffed yet? ...well, I have a Badger in my freezer' lmfao #ThisMorning

2 Day ago

  • Well done @itvthismorning for winning a Freesat award for best Live Programme @KarlDNewton & Adam Vandermark on stage freesat_award.jpg
  • We beat some very big hitters. The judges said TM was the only programme that continued to reinvent itself. Well done team, very proud :)

1 Day Ago

  • Great fun on @itvthismorning with @richardm56 & Judy :)
  • It was a very proud moment to welcome The Queen to the studio. Here we are sharing a joke :) Queenie.jpg

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