An extra-terrestrial surprise!

21st May 2012

Watch as Holly get the surprise of her life when she has a close encounter in the Hub.
'You can't do that to a woman that's had two kids, I nearly wet myself,' Holly squealed.

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  • I bet she will get you back Mr Schofield!!! I will be waiting to see that one, love the show xx

  • i love u holly but this was so funny far play phill and team love u guys , but want to show my hubby the clip of holly were could i find it

  • i felt so sorry for holly but i couldnt stop laughing it was priceless i laughed till i cried lol sorry holly :-)

  • That was so funny seeing it on tv this morning you could se the fear on her face lol .

  • I watched this on this morning and almost wet Myself laughing at holly. There is no play button to watch this again :( sorry Holly but after you saying about if it moved and it did u scared yourself lol. Phillip you are wicked and hilarious keep up the good work. Xxx

  • It must be so much fun presenting This Morning. It's a great show!

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