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6th May 2012

Catch up on the latest episode on the ITV Player
to see if athletic Ash and rugby fan Graham had what it takes to win the massive cash prize!

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  • I really like all the new Games they are great I still like the Cube very much. It is so good

  • Will there be a 5th series and if so when will you be able to apply to be on the show



    • hi, sorry just seen your request about trying to get on the show. I also would love to, i have tryed everything to try and get details on how to do so but still had no luck.If you have had any could you send me details please and thankyou.

  • my sister really wants to be a contestant on the cube but we are unsure how to do this - can you please let me know how. thaks

  • can anybody tell me where i can get a shirt like what Phillip wears on the show? its the one with a white collar and cuffs but the shirt is actually grey. i have looked everywhere...thanks x

  • Hello Phillip This is for Today 12th April When Denice and Sally Gunall were on your show The Cube. When Denice had to count the blocks on the floor on how many are there That came to 35 Before Denice had so many chances to get the number I got it frist round when she started it. it was only a guest i can not believe it at all that i got it right

  • Is there a new series of The Cube going to be aired and if so how do I apply to become a contestant?


  • My boyfriend would really like to be a contestant on the cube but we can't seem to find out how to apply! Could you please send us details

    Thank you

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