The British Soap Awards 2012

2nd May 2012

Phillip hosted another glittering British Soap Award ceremony this year as the stars flocked from cobbles, Streets and squares across the country and headed to the red carpet in the hope of taking home a coveted gong.

Join Phillip as he walks on set to greet the nation's biggest Soap stars!

Yes, it was that time of year again, when the crème de la crème of soap donned their suits and sparkles and gathered together for one of the most glamorous award ceremonies on UK television.

Watch the British Soap Awards in full on ITV Player.

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  • Hello Phillip Just to say it is my Mum's Birthday Tomorrow the same day for the Soap awards, just to let you know. I really hope you and all the Stars of Soaps have a wonderful Evening you ALL DISEVE Award Counting Emmerdale. I really like to see most of Emmerdale to get all the awards this time around, they really do get left out so many times. I really like them to be even more happy this time around please do not leave them out. Thank you.

  • Hello Phillip I really like the Photo of you with the Gong it is so nice with your wonderful smile too. I am deveastead and really gutted and upset that Emmerdale did not get the Gong they really diseve it more,This Year they should of got it, they have been so good this year and last year. IT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL.I know you are just doing your job and Amazing job to please keep doing a fantastic job for the show you are such Amazing Persenter for the show. I really hope the Actor's had a great time. I have to say i really thought Shane Richie is such a Amazing person and so nice like you Phillip, i thought his speach was really lovely and well spocken to at the End. I think Shane should have a gong for the Nice's person on TV like you and Ant and Dec.

  • Hello Phillip I hope you do not mind me say what i think. I wish Emmerdale had the Best Soap Gong they disvere it more than EastEnders this year. I really think EastEnders is very gready getting to many Awards this year, as always. I wish Other Soap stars got the Sexeist Male and Female Award. It would be really nice if they could more than Scott and Michelle. This one is so borring. I am so Pleased that Pam st Clamments (Pat)got the Speical Agivement Award it is well diserved I knew she would get it this year.She is One of my Favouite Charters in EastEnders, It was such a lovely memorie of Betty in Corrie was so nice. I am so please that Marcus (Jackson)and Danny Miller(Aaron) got The Award Jackson's Chose I am so happy for them and espicaly Marcus he really diserve it so much and i am so glad they got the Award for it. I really can not forget My Favouite Pauline Quirke i have to say this Award goes to her as well.You can not forget Pauline for this Award to. I am so please for Natalie and James (Moria and John) getting Award to. They are my Favouite's to as well as Marcus and Danny.I have to say Phillip i have got 60 Favouite Charters in just one soap and it is Emmerdale. I was disapointed that James left Emmerdale he was brillent. I really miss Hazel ( Pauline so much. I really hope she gets Award next year for The Partnership with Tony (Bob) He is my favouite to. I am so Please that Alison King Got the Award for Best Actress I went for her to get the Award she was Amazing and for Danny Miller for the best Actor as well. The New lady in the Caf'e for the Comedy Performance Award, she is so good i have to say she is the new Blanche. I am so please that Andrew Lancel (Frank) got Award to.

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