Tweek - 14.04.12 - 20.04.12

20th April 2012

In this week's Tweek, Phillip is photographed with the Chinese Phillip, Mrs Duck has Ducklings, Louie Spence gets his groove on at This Morning and it's all rounded off with a Phillip fact...

6 Days ago

  • Me and the Chinese me!
  • Well, we've been feeding Mrs Duck for ages, and she's just introduced us to her family!!! 13 chicks
  • So, to solve a family discussion.. is 'You dancin?' 'You askin?' 'I'm askin' 'I'm dancin' a rejection or an acceptance to dance?
  • Thank you. The sheer weight of 'acceptance' answers means I win :)
  • ‏ @nikkinoo_1: #thecube = best gameshow FACT @Schofe
  • thank you :)
  • @Carmichwhit72: Hi Phil. Whilst watching the Cube back. Do you ever get so involved that you forget that they do/don't complete the task? Lol
  • absolutely!! :)
  • My father in law has just made us all laugh. He thought when the voice over said 'The Cuuuuube' it was saying 'Thank youuuuu'

5 Days ago

  • Words of the Titanic on ITV1 is beautifully made and a vivid recollection of a terrible tragedy told by the letters of those who were there
  • If you're not watching, it's worth a look on +1 It's the most vivid picture I've seen on this 100th anniversary of the sinking

3 Days ago

  • Some of the cast of American Pie ... Including Stifflers mom... Hard to keep my eyes up!!!!
  • Here's @louiespence letting loose during @JulianOvenden 's performance on #thismorning Genius :)
  • Spent the afternoon at the Hyde Park Barracks of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment making a behind the scenes film for #thismorning
  • Astonishing how much work goes into their ceremonial and day to day work! 6 hrs to polish the boots! I also got snogged by Thomas the horse!
  • Here are some of the farriers who shoe said horse and his workmates
  • I've #justsponsored @rubyschofe on @JustGiving. Support them and Teenage Cancer Trust @
  • I’ve just sponsored Stephanie Schofield. You can too at

2 Days ago

  • Memo to local drought stricken water authority: I hope you're catching all this rain ;)
  • Phew, Olympic transport sorted, I have my own cab! :)

1 Days ago

  • It's Olivia Newton John!!!! And she's lovely :)
  • ‏ @Widgetty: Can you have a canine behaviourist on hand next time? The dog handling I'm witnessing is not great. Accident waiting to happen!
  • they're all dog experts
  • Driver's Fury As Drag Car Explodes Around Him Mate! Your car's running a bit hot
  • I could actually eat risotto till I burst #fact

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