Tweek - 18.02.12 - 22.02.12

24th February 2012

'Tweek' - A round up of this week's Tweets!


  • One minute I'm watching CSI NY on 174 5 USA ... Then it's turned into the hilarious Circle Tv! These women are astonishing!
  • I've seen some pants telly, but this is well worth a watch :)
  • @pablo100: is this for real or a massive p***take?
  • I don't know, but I've poured another drink, I'm in for the long haul :)
  • @jayneybelle:health, leagal, finance or pregnancy. Cant talk about those, ooohhh no! where am i going to get my psychic advice from now?
  • it limits their psychic options that's for sure! :)
  • @iamthedoctor77: one question...what the hell am I watching?!
  • 2 people who are about as psychic as my bum! :)
  • @aford1978: Do they actually do anything live on air??
  • No! Nothing! Lol
  • @kh0211: Lucy was clearly a p***ed up bloke.... Was that you????
  • I'm tempted, but can't bring myself to give em money :)
  • @alexpleasants: was that you, Johnny?!
  • haha Nope! I wasn't Johnny lol
  • I'm on!!

  • Courtesy of OBEforSchofe/YouTube
  • Ha ha, that's what comes of pranking and tweeting at the same time! However I'm in my van on the way to Manchester :)
  • @vflb2011: really cannot stop laughing at @schofe on that call in, REALLY that the the funniest thing i seen/heard in ages
  • lol, I think I was so busted.They were very gracious though :)
  • @stevo2909: Think you were rumbled Paul! Maybe they are more psychic than you think!
  • Good tweet :)
  • I reckon that prank cost about 20 quid. Worth it though :)
  • Right, that was a lot of fun. Thanks for your tweets. Time for bed I think, night night ... tomorrow I'll put a circle on the van :D


  • @vickyblack1: So Philip when are we Fiona see you on the ice?? Lol! Are you a victim of autocorrect... If not, who is Fiona? :)
  • Wow! Just left a very emotional rink. Trouble is, the tears freeze and make it extremely slippery!
  • @Yongo: I've never been emotional watching any tv but tonight was an exception! Did the team expect too much?
  • I don't think so, sadly he just allowed a little slip to rattle him so much, the entire routine left his head! V. Sad though
  • @JLuluR no staying on in the bar tonight with @clbleakley then? X
  • sadly no, back to This Morning tomorrow so no bar visit for me
  • @shellyh79: who went please Phillip I missed it?
  • That serves you right for not watching! You missed a beauty! ;)


  • This week's #dancingonice round up and a bit of video taken seconds after we came off air
  • @BradLong5: Hey Phillip! please check my videos! :)
  • thanks a lot! Ha! Good work Brad :)
  • Text from my bro BBC 2 9pm got very confused, thought it was a round version of the Cube! Apparently the Tube is something very different!
  • @AndyBasildon oh i dont know.. the Tube has more tricky games like minding the gap. jumping over barriers and squeezing into tight spaces
  • So @hollywills is busy with The Voice this week, so @Emma_Willis is coming to play on This Morning for 3 days :)
  • You handled your first day at a new school perfectly @Emma_Willis ! Loved today, see you tomorrow :) x


  • Just had a lovely afternoon at The Dorchester with the Chase Shooting Stars Children's Hospice Charity. Terrific kids, lots of smiles :)
  • Pancakes in front of me and the Brits on the telly! Sorted
  • Who was that man who walked in front of JC?!! #whoiswalkthrushotguy
  • haha! @hollywills Give us a wave... Are you pi***d yet? :) x
  • @hollywills Wish you were here!!! Xxx
  • 75,000 followers for @edsheeran ?!! I don't think so, looks like over 1.4 million to me! :)
  • @Kitty_Cat86: it was 75 thou on fbook, blummin 'el phil! Wind it back and have a listen Facebook was the 2nd stat
  • Really!!! I'm sure tonight it could have been News at 5 past 10 #nevercutoffAdele
  • Thanks guys, love you, but can Adele come back and finish her speech now


  • lovely morning with @Emma_Willis about to have my pic taken with @clbleakley ... It's a tough gig but someone's got to do it :)
  • Just had one of the funniest photoshoots ever with @clbleakley for @heatworld ... Just cleaning myself off! 18MuddyPhil.jpg
  • And I'm not saying another word about what we've been up to ;)
  • @JKCorden well done for last night mate, difficult gig and you were brilliant. Highest figures since 2005! :)
  • Just leaving the photographic studio's ... @MissKatiePrice you are a rubbish parker! :) x 18KP.jpg
  • @DanielHolland31: what a street name this is! I just took it in Doncaster :-) AmRZZOwCIAAgKXl.jpg
  • Well about time :)
  • Have just heard the terribly sad news of the death of Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times, killed in an attack in the Syrian city of Homs.
  • I was watching her on the news last night and admiring her for so courageously telling the story of the atrocities that are happening there
  • Thank goodness for people like her and the French photographer who died alongside her for shining a light on this barbarism


  • Amazing evening spent with @princestrust at the Savoy, lots of money raised for a brilliant charity
  • And I think I might have FINALLY persuaded Michael McIntyre to join twitter! We'll see :)
  • Loved sitting with @GaryLineker and have him play out, in charade style, some great footy moments.. The Mexico slide and Gazza's tears
  • And for everyone so concerned for my welfare at being up so late, thank you .. But I don't do This Morning on Friday's!
  • Oh and also, took this pic today! JB's 2011 car :) so excited to be so close 18JBCar.jpg
  • wasn't allowed to touch it, but bizarrely I wanted to flick it to see what sound it made!! I resisted the urge! :)

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