Tweek! - 03.02.12 - 09.02.12

10th February 2012

7 Days ago

  • @miss_crystalize: when u make several shows a day so u still have to get a new audience each time?? if so, it must be exhausting for u? X
  • yep! Have to work hard not to tell the same story twice! :)
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  • @lynseywilliams:was it my imagination or were you at hand and flowers today? we thought we seen you leave as we arrived!! If so, fantastic choice!!
  • well spotted :)
  • @J_Wrightnow: I thought you might appreciate my drawing of you, it's a little abstract but i feel it captures your essence...
  • love it :)
  • @rebeccamcgrath: So are we in for another exciting series of The Cube
  • At the moment it's shaping up to be our best

6 Days ago

  • What a fun night of blocking its been. A bit like swatting flies, bam, and you're gone, but thanks for the sport :)
  • @Batch0x0: I can imagine u sitting there, JD in one hand, iPhone in the other, giggling triumphantly as you go on a blocking spree
  • got it in one ... But it's Southern Comfort tonight :D
  • @SilkyNI: Is it all because you work with #FoxyLadys all the time? lol #Jealousy #LuckyDuck ha
  • ha! I think you could be right :D Which makes it all the sweeter
  • @TomsDad: i guess thats the price of twitter becoming mainstream, seemed much nice 18 months ago :(
  • sadly, actually I agree. Certainly a different atmosphere than a year or so ago. Still many lovely people though.
  • Outside with @rubyschofe :)
  • And here's 'Wilbur' :)

5 Days ago

  • @emmliss: #uksnow how's it for you phil?
  • probably about 4 inches of snow here. Think I'll be able to get to DOI in the morning :/
  • @Carmichwhit72: ahhh very jealous Phil, not a flake in Truro :(
  • that's a shame.... And I love Truro!!
  • Backstage at Dancing On Ice with @rubyschofe ....... wonder why she chose today to come to work with me?! ;)
  • More positive's than negatives on the adventurous shiny suit tonight, well done @davidobrien75 :)

4 Days ago

  • Yay, back next to @hollywills on the This Morning sofa :)
  • @GemaGema82: good morning phillip is it just me or is that candle behind you not centred on the candlestick?? Xx
  • I've just centred it for you :)
  • Successfully crossed London from This Morning to The Cube I record time. Here we go!
  • Very enjoyable afternoon spent with The Cube. 2 more shows tomoz, 1 on Wednesday and then a mad dash to #celebrityjuice !!
  • Some quite ugly scenes at Dancing On Ice last night. Hope you're not offended ....
  • @LuLuLeKerrang: Tht was harsh... you didn't need to be cruel! he even made an effort, all dressed up for the night! :( Ive seen you in a new light!
  • you've made me feel bad now!! :)
  • Hey Aidan :)
  • @AidanMathewDean: you have made my week, I might get some friends at uni now #saviour
  • @kchilvers1983: Hey @Schofe how about a hello, im trying to get motivation un library doing a dissertation
  • hi! Now get to work :)

3 Days ago

  • Here's @hollywills during the supernatural vt :)
  • <?li>
  • @sanjkhet1984: come on philp. freezin outside in the queue.
  • nearly there :)
  • @annabeanie01: We're standing outside and our noses are turning red, will there be doughnuts like #DOI
  • fraid not, though you do get shortbread biscuits and water! :)
  • @NICOLA_MAPP: do you know if dawn french is on twitter please? X
  • fraid not, she writes her books in pencil because she doesn't like computers, not sure twitter is her thing
  • @Tomoneill: where about in the @itvthismorning studio is the Hub?? On screen you always head to your right but is the Hub infact on your left?
  • as you watch the telly it's to the left of the kitchen

2 Days ago

  • Just posted a photo
  • @andy071971: where is that taken, tis you ?
  • just playing with Instagram @andy071971 .. It's taken at DOI as I read the results in the skate-off :)
  • @jakeroche18 and @Schofe just chilling :) x
  • This Morning ... Completed This Morning Saturday ... Recorded The Cube .... Currently recording Celebrity Juice ... Pending! My day :)
  • I may never be the same again... But I loved it! @fountain1987 @LeighFrancis @hollywills @Fearnecotton @RufusHound @clbleakley :)
  • How lucky am I? Two of the most gorgeous ladies in telly
  • And here's the other team :)
  • RT @Fearnecotton: That was a fun. See @Schofe take part in quite an unusual game on celebrity juice tomorrow! My face hasn't recovered! X

1 Days ago

  • There's nothing quite like a This Morning birthday cake eh @hollywills ? :)
  • @clbleakley: Look who I had a sneeky kiss with last night
  • Just seen this! Now he'll never leave you alone :) x<?li>

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  • What a great little site. I didn't no this was here phil im a follow of yours on twitter but not sure how to do it propley so just came across this by accident . Be on here every week now to check what's been happening. When I figure out how to use my iPad lol . Take care

  • What a fantastic site this is, just watched your spin on DOI was hilarious, will certainley be visiting this site regulary.....

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