Tweek! 28.01.12 - 02.02.12

3rd February 2012

7 Days ago

  • Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!!! Sitting with @rubyschofe listening to the Kaiser Chiefs as the clock strikes 12 for her 16th birthday. Love ya Roo xx
  • @TheGuvnor74: your are never old enough to have a 16 year old daughter!!
  • bless you for that! ..... But @mollyschofe is 18!!

6 Days ago

  • @MichArnell: Waiting for @dancingonice to start. Anyone know who the special guest is?
  • It's Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts)
  • Well, the duel idea has really shaken thinks up, think we're in for some great skating tonight #dancingonice
  • @mark_phillips1: #doi do you say to the stars break a leg b4 the show of is that inappropriate?<?li>
  • this is the one show where I wouldn't say that! :)
  • @Tartanarmy: r u on TM tomorrow?
  • Nope! Taken the week off to record The Cube
  • Not posted one of these before, I'm intrigued to see what it looks like. A DOI panorama
  • @DaveKitMonkey: oh that's awesome, you should do that on all your shows. Especially one inside the Cube itself #sneakypeeks
  • I'm there tomorrow, so I will :)
  • Wondering what the strange backstage smell is. Turns out Christina Perri left her Jar of Farts behind. Trying to find the lid now!

5 Days ago

  • Thanks for the tweets, not on This Morning all week because I'm recording 2 series of The Cube!
  • Ah, the genius geography of CNN!
  • Just had the most intense afternoon EVER with The Cube! This is going to be a hell of a series!! Not sure when it's going out yet, but wow!
  • As promised the panorama view from inside The Cube, taken this evening
  • @Jantunstill: That's so clever! We were laughing at u last night taking one at DOI as @julesyog said thought u couldnt get signal lol
  • yeah I do feel a bit stupid taking pics whilst walking in a circle, but the effect is worth it :)
  • @NextQueen: have u ever had a cheeky play against the cube while filming?
  • yep, played a game after the audience left last week. It had wiped out a guy .... but I did it in 3 :)
  • @Shel_dys: What is it u use to take them pics on its amazing
  • It's an app called 360
  • @jjridi: I watched u doing Joseph last week on TM. Brilliant. Would u consider going back into the West End if u were given the opportunity?
  • I've been offered so many wonderful parts, but had to turn them all down because I can't fit them in sadly

4 Days ago

  • @hollywills are you missing me :) x
  • @hollywills: yes, When is the cube giving you back?!!! X
  • well was going to tell you it's next Thursday... but actually, I'll be in on Monday if that's ok :)
  • @andyjstubbs24More to The point are you missing Holly phil
  • yep, absolutely :)
  • @LooseLadyLaura: My mum says you have a nicer bum then Van Persie from arsenal :) xxxxxx
  • Now that made me smile, tell her thx
  • @terrismithy15: teach me how to tweet. I have no idea what I'm doing
  • Try this, hope it helps

3 Days ago

  • Yes! Proving it can be done... Mo Farah has beaten The Cube!!!!! #thecube
  • Would have liked to have kept it secret, but a young audience member phoned the papers :(

2 Days ago

  • Sometimes a night with the Cube is exhilarating, sometimes it's heartbreaking, tonight was the latter :(
  • @PatrickHughes44: is it true you are the "ghost of tv"?
  • past, present and future. Does that scare you?
  • @debbielye: What will your tipple be @Schofe?
  • a large Laphroaig!

1 Days ago

  • happy birthday @clbleakley hope you have a great day darlin' See you Sunday x
  • @peterbonney: for someone that's had a long & interesting career in TV, YouTube seems to just be full of clips of you in hysterics!!! :)
  • ha ha, I don't mind that, it's a great way to be summed up :)

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  • Philip Schofield is the most amazing person i have never met! he works what seems like 7 days a week and still finds time for his followers admirers etc and comes accross as the perfect family man too, :)

  • You will need a large whiskey this weekend as the weather gets colder well it's a good excuse anyway

  • A true story! On the day of my wedding, 23 years ago, I saw Philip Schofield at Invery House in Aberdeenshire, he was standing in reception, I was so flustered, I was 25 at the time and my favorite tv programme was on sat morning, with Schof! I spent the rest of the day looking for Philip (who unknown to me was checking out of the hotel), I bypassed the champagne and roses in my room, was sidetracked for the rest of the day looking for him! Needless to say I divorced but now have a healthy liking to Good Morning with Holly and Philip!

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