Mo Farah has become the first person to beat The Cube!

1st February 2012

Mo Farah, the current 5000m world champion, left the audience speechless on Monday night after a jaw dropping display that saw him win the jackpot for his charity, The Mo Farah Foundation.

The 28-year-old World Champion set about his attempt to conquer The Cube as part of an Olympian special to be aired in Spring.

Several contestants have managed to complete six games since 2009 when The Cube began, winning themselves £100,000 in the process. However no one until now had managed to beat The Cube and win the £250,000 jackpot.

Phillip said “That was a truly astonishing afternoon! We're in the middle of recording two series of the Cube back to back, and though I meet every contestant with the hope that they'll win big money, over the three years that we've been on the telly, it's looked more and more unlikely that anyone could beat it..... Then in came Mo!! He's a lovely, calm, mild mannered bloke, small, fit and wiry. The perfect contender. He lost 2 lives on the first game and I thought he was going to struggle, but that was it, the only other life he lost was just before he beat it!!

It takes real guts and strength of character to make that leap of faith to risk £100,000 and go for the jackpot, if he had failed, he would have lost £99,000 for his Charity Foundation. As it was he totally thrashed the Cubes arse!!! I have never known a studio so tense, and the roar when he did it was deafening!

I will only ever go into the Cube on TV when somebody beats it, so it was amazing to stand inside with Mo as it glowed gold for the first time.

What a stunning afternoon, now I wonder.......Could you beat The Cube?”

The £250,000 jackpot will be given to The Mo Farah Foundation, which provides aid to those affected by the drought and famine in East Africa.

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  • Well Done Mo :) yet another accolade to add to his collection :D

    • Well done Mo, for beating the cube, excellent! I like the grey suit Phillip, very nice!xx

    • aww congrats to him! when will it be shown on TV? I want to see it!

      • it is alrady showm babe

  • Love the cube, Phillip never leave the show you make it so gripping and fun to watch .........Well done Mo . Love Love Love the Cube xxxxxxxxx

  • Definately had to be done...well done Mo Farah.

  • Amazing! Well done Mo! Shame it couldn't have been kept a secret though.

  • How fab that someone has finally done it and for such a great cause!! WTG Mo!

  • True gooner :) Well done Mo!

  • Can't wait to watch this one!! Shame the surprise was ruined but it will still be amazing to see! We all love The Cube at my house! x

  • FANTASTIC.... Go MO!!! One AMAZING athlete :) xxx

  • OMG I cannot wait to watch this I love the cube!! When will it be shown on TV?? Well done Mo!

  • what a great achievement lets hope olympic"s go just as well for us

  • Well done Mo! And what a worthy cause for the money as well.

  • Wow, what a guy! can't wait to watch it!

    • i love olny way is esssex and charlie

  • awwww where's the fun in already knowing the outcome! Mucho congratulations though! very impressive!

  • Aww amazing! Can't wait to see it on tv :)

  • Congratulations and Well Done x I canx't wait to see it on the telly...when will is be aired? WELL DONE XXX

  • Absolutely adore Mo Farah a real legend and just too nice for words. Begs the question how can someone so nice be so competitive? I think it will take us a lot of years to workout actually how great this guy is. Inspirational and so fitting that the first winner was donating his winnings to charity. x

  • Wow! Can't wait to see it X

  • Always a champion! Come and play for Spurs Mo. Great Charity too! I hope you keep that Golden touch!

  • That's brilliant Phil!!'s rather taken the suspense and anticipation out of watching that show :)

  • Congratulations Mo, well done!!!

  • Well done to MO couldn't happen to a nicer guy and for a better foundation !

  • I was there on monday...truly edge of the seat stuff...could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke though. Way to go Mo :-)

  • Just great, got invited to be in the audience, but couldn't make it I love the show. Well done

  • Wow! Amazed someone has beaten the cube. Glad the jackpot is going to such a great cause.

  • So when will it be shown on TV?

    • That's what I want to know, I want to watch it now.

  • The Cube Glowed Gold! could that be an Omen for this years Olympic 10,000 and 5,000 metres races?? Well done Mo!

  • Well done Mo! I must say I never thought anyone would ever do it; either the challenges get too hard or it seems easy but is not worth risking. Must take some real guts! I'd love to have a go myself!

  • Huge congrats Mo! You so deserved it! I Was lucky enough to watch it live on monday and it was nail-biting, enthralling, entertainment at it's best! Best contender ever! Pity it couldn't be kept a secret

  • You is the man Mo,u is the man!.. Cant wait for the show to be aired... Good luck in the games Mo,i so know your gonna do us all proud:)...

  • Fantastic show came and watched in the audience and saw tv gold with my own eyes well mr farah you were amazing and phil thank you for a great afternoon and the nice kiss on the cheek made my day :-)

  • yaay mo farah making us somali's,all east africans and british proud well done;)

  • Wow when is the program on for that one I don't won't to miss it

  • Well done Mo! I can't wait to see it. I love the cube and would love to try it!


  • Phillip When can we see Mo Farah On the Cube for the ones that did not see it, our not been on yet at all It would be brillent if you could put it on are you still going to put it on would be great.

  • well done mo

  • WOW!!!!!!

    I've been watching the cube since it started and i have seen some pretty pathetic attempts, but actually beating it, is a whole different thing!

    Well done, Mo Farah.

  • why should the money be given to a charity out of UK makes me mad when this country is in a mess. Too many foreigners taking over

    • Idiot! It's small minded people like you that make this country such a "mess". Charity is charity, home or abroad it's all for a good cause. I think it's time you opened your eyes or learned to close your mouth.

  • wow i cant belive u won well done Mo good luck at the olympics and your charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can't believe it!!! The first person EVER to beat the cube,, AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • congratulation bcame 10000m runner 2012 olympic champion & I can't wait 5000m sat

  • I must admit I think Mo is absolutely fantastic. I am so impressed by his Olympic wins but love how he beat the cube. What a true hero! No flukes here.....

  • We'll done mo some one had to do it glad it was you good luck in al you do

  • Fantastic edition of The Cube. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. Well done Mo.

  • Fantastic edition of The Cube. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. Well done Mo.

  • Well done mo!!!! Hope to see more celebs try to beat the cube,when will we see it on tv?

    • Yes! I hope more celebrities win.

  • Well done Mo Farah! I watched that episode and first when you lost the life I thought you were going to struggle and not win the £250,000. But you did. I couldn't believe that. You were trying so hard. Sorry for making a comment now. Yesterday I was watching the CUBE and I was thinking about Mo Farah winning so that's why today I am making a comment.

    Well done!!

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