Next series of The Cube date announced

20th October 2011

Phillip announced on Twitter yesterday, after reaching one million followers earlier in the week, "If you're a fan of The Cube and wanted to know when the new series starts .. Sunday 30th October on ITV1, time TBC. You're the first to know"

The question is, can anyone finally beat The Cube for a quarter of the million pound prize?

Every player starts the game with nine lives and has to complete seven tasks to win. If they accept the challenge and lose all their lives, they will leave with nothing...

Don't forget you can also download The Cube game for your iPhone and iPad.

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  • Hello Phillip I am really looking forward to the Award winning game show and the game show The Cube Next Sunday I can not waite at all I will watch it But i will be very busy with my family that i really miss them a lot and i am going to stay with them at the weekend but i will still watch it when i get back. I really enjoy watching The Cube Espcieal you Phillip. it is so much fun and enjoyable to watch. I do hope your new show goes really well for you Good luck.

  • From the first Comment i missed out a word in and the best game show, The Cube, sorry i miss out the word Best.

  • Hi Phillip , I love The cube and I would really like to be on the show,,how can i apply for the next series,,I love watching you Phillip and would love to meet you,,we will be watch on sunday as ever..from Amanda

    • I will beat the cube,,,, easy

  • HI phillip, me and my son were just saying how much we are looking forward to the cube!!!! but a question he asked me, why dosnt Phillip the man with the white hair do it?? I saidhe looks after the ppl that do or try it, but he said he should do it first, so we know it aint easy.... we love it, keep up the good work!!! By the way my son is a SEN CHILD. adhd GLOBAL DELAY,, POSS asd ,as to nsme but a few.. its a constant battle!!!! Keep up the good work Mr Scholfield my son really thinks u r the best xxxx

  • Hi Phillip, please, please, please could you tell me how I could apply to be on your show. I am an avid follower with only one ambition!

  • Please could I please put my name forward to be a contestant on the CUBE thank you x love the show

  • Hi everyone,I'm equally interested in the show,can anyone tell me how to apply

    Many thanks.

  • can you pls anyone can tell me how can i apply for the cube thank you

  • hi phillip, could ou please tell me how to apply for the cube? i dnt miss a show and i think ive got what it takes to beet the cube. thanks

  • Ive been watching the show and getting frustrated because i know i ive got what it takes to beat The cube. So I challenge if you dear ;)

  • I would like to go up against the cube i think i got a good chance of beating it, if i got the chance, lol

  • Seriously how do you apply to go onto the cube i have allot of people doubting me say i dont have what it takes i would love to prove them wrong

  • I have tried a few of your hardest games in the cube and seeing as I do not get nervous I know I wouldn't have any problem beating that 3 dimensional shape and it's easy challenges :)

  • i realy want to go on the cube i think that i could go all the way so phillip give me a chance to prove it my parnter thinks i could do it and it would make a good start for my baby girl that 4 mouths oll :)

  • hi yusuf do you know how to apply the cube new series thank you .

  • Hi Phillip & Cube production, I would love the opportunity to go on the cube, I beat the cube on the iPhone app so I would want to test myself against the real thing, even if people don't think I can do it, also be a great start for my family planning a wedding in november and also have a lil boy who is 4 months old

  • I watch your show every week I really do think I've got what it takes to beat the cube, if you let me on the show it would mean the world to me,my girlfriend,her kid sand all my family. so please I'm begging you!!!!!

  • Hi Phil I think I have got what it takes to best the cube I have always wanted to be on the show my family and friends tried but i can't find the application form

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