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9th January 2009

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  • Great site Phillip hope you don't forget us over at Schofield Fans.

    Sharon x

  • Great site. Love your pictures in Norfolk as that's where I live.

    Love you and your work.

    claire x

  • Fantastic site Phil, just like to say you look absolutely gorgeous as usual.


  • Absolutely love Philip. Great Site X

  • wow, has it really been 25yrs. starting to feel my age now. congratulations on a wonderful career. been watching u since way back on the couch with gordon the gofer. great presenter and a great interviewer. always a pleasure to watch. keep up the good work phil,

    sharon :)

  • Great site. Love the pictures, your so sexy. I watch you everyday on This Morning. You and Fern are so funny on there. Love Sara x

  • wonderfull site, love the pictures. All grey, but sexy.

    great to have you back on the ice again.Love the show.

    Fatima ♥♥

  • Great site - it's nice to keep in touch with what you are doing. C x

  • Nice site Phillip - was your intro filmed in Chiswick? I used to walk my dog along there when I lived in Hammersmith so it's nice to see you and the view! My husband got stuck on that island behind your left shoulder when he was a kid - the tide came in unexpectedly and he had to get rescued along with his Chopper (Chopper bicycle..... you know what I mean!) C x

  • Hi Everyone, thanks for the comments. Lots of love to all the lovely people at schofieldfans I hope everyone who visits us here pops along for a chat.

    Colette, that made me smile. I had a Chopper! My most favourite possession ever! Don't know what colour your husbands was, but mine was yellow and I loved it. However... yes the vid was shot in Chiswick and I'm very impressed that your bloke managed to drag his bike through the mud to get stuck on the island!

    Thanks for visiting guys

  • Great site Philip, my introduction to it was Alan Carr's video so a great start hahahahaha. Good luck with everything, keep up the brilliant work you do and ok, giving away my age, but I've been watching you since you had your furry friend lmao. Take care, Jude xx

  • nice site m8 and nice to see how such a down to earth genuine guy you are !

  • hI, PHIL, I am a viewer from Malta. I watch you every morning on 'this morning' with fern. I think you're so hilerious together. keep it up. You've been on showbizz for 27 years and that is marveleous. I wish you another 27. All the very best, keep smiling, keep dunking the beef, in other words keep making me laugh. love tanya.

  • Hi Phillip, really love the videos, i think your great and i've been watching you since going live, you make me laugh with fern too!! on this morning and cheered me up between housework and kids, Cheers Tina x

  • Thanks for your response Phillip, I'm amazed you had time with those thousands of Tweets you've been receiving lately - I'm honoured!

    Husband's Chopper was purple by the way & it was his first love. He is well impressed you had a groovy yellow one. Blimey weren't the 70's great?

    C x

  • I have seen you on telly since I was a kid. Firstly in the broom cupboard with Gordon. Then on saturday morning TV and as a DJ on radio one and now on This Morning during the day. How many years is that youv'e been part of my life? I can't work that one out at the mo; well its since you first stepped into the broom cupboard. I think this website is great, you seem very willing to talk to folk and come across as very approachable. It is very refreshing to find a celebrity like you, that you don't just want to run away in the opposite direction from the rest of us. Thanks Phil X

  • havent been on the site long, so still finding my way around. but its great what i have seen so far.. Have been a fan of philip for ages, even see him In Joseph. that was awsome. keep all the DOI clips, they are great. thanks for having this site.. Sue xxx

    ps you said in the clip you can contact you(via this site), havent found that bit yet.. How and where do you do that?? many thanks xx

  • This is a great website. It's not often you get to see what life really is like for a celebrity. I love the behind-the-scenes footage too. Well done!!

  • i think your sit is fab love you and fern give my love to fern love from sonia in pontypool

  • Very impressed with your website, easy to follow. Watched your eye surgery procedure and after many years of disagreement with my husband who wants to have the surgery.... you may have convinced me that its safe and successful. Also thoroughly approve of This Mornings Christmas appeal, having had recent tragic close family experience of Dementia.

  • I remember watching you in the Broom Cupboard and thinking at the time, that guy is going places, he is MADE for TV. 25 years later and over the years I have been proven right...you are brilliant at what you do. Thanks for the fun and laughter on This Morning. God Bless. xx

  • This is brilliant i have spent my past week watching nearly all of these videos with you and Holly i think you work together amazingly! you really cheer up my day! i am going back to school tomorrow so will be watching you on catch-up was so excited to see you both back after the 'summer' :)

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