Phil & Fern's Dilemma

14th January 2009

Well here's something of a dilemma. Fern and I have just been to a screening of Will Smith's new movie Seven Pounds (because as I mentioned, he's on This Morning on Thursday.)  As we went in, the movie company handed out a bit of paper asking if we would please be careful not to give away the ending of the film.  Obviously that is fair enough ... but... as we watched we both got the same dawning realisation that it's unlike any film we've seen before, and namely, anything we ask him will give away something vital in the plot!! We're stuffed!  The great man is on his way and we can't think of a way to talk about his movie, tune in to watch us sweat it out.  The film, by the way is actually very good, Will puts in a powerful and emotion packed performance.  The story of the film is... er...hmmm...


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