The Skates Are On!

12th January 2009


Wow, what a show!  First one of the new series and we're back in a shower of sequins.... or to give them their proper term, stones.  At the start of the show as the new skaters made their first entrance on to the rink and as the audience went wild and almost lifted the roof off the rink, I turned to Holly and said "I love this show!"  And it's true, we both feel the same, we don't have to ask for tickets, we don't have to watch it at home, we HAVE to be there, it's expected!  How brilliant is that?  Thankfully a large chunk of viewers agreed 9.6 million to be exact, if you were one of them, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.  I'm sure by now you'll already have the beginnings of a favourite amongst the guys, Holly's bump loved Ellery and kicked all the way through his routine.  We were really sad to see Graeme Le Saux leave so early on, not least because he took the lovely Kristina with him!  Don't worry though, apparently she has a new boyfriend in Canada and, though sad to go so early on, is thrilled to be seeing him so soon. 
We had a full dress rehearsal on Friday with an audience and judges.  Obviously the 'Ice Panel' were playing around with the scoring and not taking it at all seriously (or giving any hint as to what they might say on Sunday)  so much so that Todd was given 3 sixes and Ray was told to spend some time practising with him because he might learn something! 
Next week of course it's the turn of the girls.  We have what I think is our best ever ladies group, they all seem to have bonded very well and (apart from Coleen) they are all desperate to get on to the ice.  Coleen has made no secret of the fact that she's beginning to wonder what the hell she's agreed to, which really makes me laugh... she'll probably win it!
Best laugh of all is that the (planned) clip around Jason's ear got one of the daily newspapers on the blower asking the press office to confirm or deny that 'Phillip Schofield had hit Jason Gardiner'!!  A confused member of the team confirmed the story, but had to break the news to a disappointed journalist that the incident actually happened on the telly, wasn't a scoop and perhaps it would be a good idea to turn on the TV and watch.   
One other bit of info about my day job..... Will Smith is on This Morning on Thursday!  And Glenn Close is booked in the near future too ... I wonder if she can skate?



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  • It was a fab first show Phillip! So glad it's back!

    Any chance Gordon 'T' Gopher (Dancing On Ice edition) will appear this year? :) Make him as a suggestion for prop week :)

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • This is such a good idea! Great to see DOI back! Looking forward to weeks of entertainment from you's all And cannot wait to see a special anniversary performance of Bolero! Bring it on!!!

  • Hi Phillip,

    Great that you have this blog and are keeping us entertained with all the gossip! Can't wait to read more of your blog......You really sound as if you are a genuine fan of the show and that's fantastic - lucky, lucky you. AND you get to work with Jayne and Chris - how lucky are you!! Good Luck with the rest of the show.

  • Not a chance! lol. Thanks for checking in x


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