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8th January 2009


Hi guys, look out I'm official!  Here it is, newly unveiled, my brand-new website.  There is all sorts of stuff here, some of which even I didn't know still existed!  I spent a couple of weekends searching through boxes of photos at home and the results of that search are in the gallery.  Over the coming months I'll update it so you can see what I'm up to.  There are videos, my blog, links to the programmes I'm presenting, eventually there'll be answers to your questions and a whole lot more.  On the subject of TV shows, hopefully you're enjoying the new series of Dancing on Ice.  This is the place to look for inside info that you won't find anywhere else, I've got my iflip video recorder holstered like a Colt 45 so if something happens within shooting distance I'll ‘draw' and post straight away.


At the moment life is pretty hectic; by the time Dancing on Ice finishes it'll be spring!  At the same time I'm live with Fern at 10.30 Monday to Thursday on ITV 1's This Morning, that's the place to drop by if you have some time during the day, If you haven't watched, give us a visit you'd be amazed what we get up to!


In the meantime, enjoy this site, click away to your heart's content and I hope you like what you see.  Happy 2009 and stay warm!


Lots of love




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  • Hi Phillip - lovely to see your fantastic new website is up and running! The photos are just fabulous and I am sure they must bring back lots of good memories! I am looking forward to keeping an eye on the site for more bits and pieces, and after all these years of being a fan, it is good to know I have a place where I can keep up with your movements from the comfort of my own armchair!!!!!

  • Hello Phillip, Healthy 2009 to you,love your website! it is terrific! Just wanted to make a comment on Jason's humiliating remarks to the competitors on their skating performances.....he is very, very rude at times and is this really necessary? Surely as a grown man he can think of better way to voice his opinion, without being so crass. Julie

  • when are you n Fern gonna have another fit of the giggles again? You two kill me and I think you are soo funny together keep up the good work , lots o love Debs xxx

  • Hi,

    I'm loving the website, its great seeing all the old photos, and watching all the videos, can't wait to see more backstage stuff from DoI.

    Best Wishes


  • Phil,it's about time you got your own site i've been waiting for ages! Bless ya Rosh your fan from when i was 11 and i'm now 32!

  • Hello Phillip,

    I am watching you and Fern on This Morning, you and Fern are the best team, you both make me laugh with your antics, I watch the programme most days and love it! I love Dancing on Ice too, I have to plan my children's dinner around the programme because we don't want to miss it. Can't wait for Sunday!!! Keep up the good work. Tracey.x

  • Hi Philip, this is great!! I have to confess I'm one of the hundreds who signed up to twitter this morning, and I'm now very likely burning the kids chips... Been a fan for years and love the website. Keep up the good work with Fern. Need to see even more of you on telly!! Hilary

  • You have a lot to answer as I am now getting fixated on twittering. My user name is "Thismorningfan" in a weak attempt to get you to follow me. Following you in any event. Don't underestimate what you do in terms of getting information, advice and support out to the masses. Certainly helped me turn dark days into light ones as an isolated stay at home mum. Keep up the great work and the good giggles too. I get the laughter about that competition, you dirty pair

  • I'm sooooooooooooo pleased you finally have your site up and running. Can't wait to check in regularly. Love 'This Morning' when you and Fern are on together. I record it everyday and watch it when I get home from work. Love the outtake DVD that was in a magazine. Whenever I feel low I watch that and end up in stitches!

  • hi phillip, i watch you on this morning everyday, we think you are so funny

  • could you please tell me how i can contact you on twitter.

  • hi phil, me again.I have probably said all i can say about you in my other comments,but as the shreddies ad says, " you are the bee's knees " Everything you and fern do,you do to the best of your ability.Hope the progs and you go on for many years to come.Thank God for your jillxxxx

  • hey phil hope you enjoy brits and lookin 4ward to ice dance sunday cant wait 2 see u and fern back monday

  • I never thought i woulddo this!!! Felt compelled because you and fern are absolutely the best pairing ever and you cheer me up every morning. Your chemistry is fantastic because it is so natural. And i love celebrity mr and mrs!!Long may you both reign

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